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It’s Now Possible to Run Unified Storage in the Cloud with Dell EMC Unity VSA Cloud Edition

first_imgThis post by Craig Bernero has been retired. Check out this post by Joe Caradonna which provides an update on Dell EMC Unity Cloud Edition.All customers, large or small enterprises, firmly established or relatively new, are deploying storage and servers in new and innovative ways; far differently than a just few years ago.  Today, most IT environments are highly virtualized and leverage the cloud for cost-optimized data placement. For Midrange customers, our new Dell EMC Cloud Edition software helps drive new flexibility with the cloud and virtualized infrastructures. With even more features for the cloud, and more options to deploy Dell EMC Unity as SDS (Software Defined Storage), converged systems, or as traditional hardware, Dell EMC Unity is the ideal platform for all VMware environments. And with this release, we deliver even more options to deploy efficient, simple and flexible storage.Dell EMC’s Unity platform is the number one Midrange storage platform in the market. We’re listening to you, and based on your feedback, we’ve added numerous new features. Recent innovation includes in-line compression and deduplication, MetroSync, and a wide range of security certifications help our customers deploy Dell EMC Unity over the widest range of workloads possible. Our customers also use Dell EMC Unity on purpose-built hardware, engineered converged infrastructure platforms and software defined storage.In this version, we’ve added a diverse set of cloud-related features that leverage the scale and ease of access of the cloud. Many customers look to merge the flexibility of a software defined storage with the scalability and flexibility of VMware Cloud, and we’re delighted to now provide those features.  Dell EMC Unity platform users now have a virtual data center which expands outside the confines of traditional physical space, and VMware Cloud users now have access to the extensive host of Dell EMC Unity file services, data protection and storage management features.  Every type of Dell EMC Unity deployment benefits from more options and more flexibility.Dell EMC Unity VSA Cloud EditionCustomers can deploy Dell EMC Unity either on traditional hardware or software with Unity VSA (virtual storage appliance), and the features are identical. The Dell EMC Unity VSA Cloud Edition provides a unified storage management environment with block, file and VVols support, as well as snapshot, replication and scheduling services.  And the intuitive user interface, now based on HTML 5, is identical for every version as well, so all users are immediately at home and productive.  And we provide full integration for VMware environments including VSI and ESI plugins, and VAAI support.At Home in the CloudThe Dell EMC Unity VSA Cloud Edition is deployed and certified on a standard VMware ESXi server.  With VMware Cloud available on AWS (Amazon Web Services), the cloud-based version of Dell EMC Unity is deployed quickly, ideal for test and development, and as a cost-effective replication destination.Dell EMC Unity VSA Cloud Edition also brings its robust file services to the cloud.  Providing more flexibility and portability, the VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension enables large-scale data migrations between cloud environments and the users’ on-premise Dell EMC Unity hardware and virtual environments.Dell EMC Unity customers seeking cloud deployments for their business now have a path without learning anything new – it couldn’t be easier. The same Dell EMC Unity operating environment and intuitive user interface are now available in all environments, in the cloud or as traditional hardware. For those adopting the cloud today, or those considering multi-cloud in the future, Dell EMC Unity is ready on your timetable, so you get to pick the timing and the product version that best meets your needs.The Road AheadAccording to IDC, the total spending on IT infrastructure for the cloud is $52.3B and growing at 10.9% annually.  Whenever you’re ready to jump in, we’re ready too.  With the new Dell EMC Unity VSA Cloud Edition, both first-time cloud users and more established multi-cloud IT shops will benefit from the feature-rich capabilities in Dell EMC Unity, now optimized and packaged for the cloud. Let us know what you think, we’re always interested in your constructive feedback.last_img read more


Šime Strikoman took millennial photos in Prague in memory of three Croatian greats

first_imgCelebrated photographer Šime Strikoman took three millennium photos on Strossmayer Square in Prague dedicated to three Croatian greats associated with the Czech capital: Faust Vrančić, Nikola Tesla and Josip Juraj Strossmayer, and hundreds of students from the Strossmayer Primary School took part in the shooting.It was the first time that Strikoman took as many as three millennial photographs at one location, and the reason for the shooting in Prague was the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the death of Faust Vrančić. On this occasion, on October 9 in Prague, as part of the project of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts Let’s Meet Croatian Scientific Heritage, led by Dr. sc. Marijana Borić held a scientific colloquium organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in the Czech Republic, the Czech-Croatian Society from Prague and the Croatian-Czech Society from Zagreb. Due to bad weather, the shooting on the plateau in front of the Church of St. Anthony was held in very demanding conditions, and Strikoman was assisted by Prague firefighters, as well as employees of the Croatian Embassy and the Croatian National Tourist Board in Prague.The millennial photograph dedicated to Vrančić had the motif of a parachute as his most famous invention. Jubilee of this Croatian polyhistor, inventor and lexicographer who lived in Prague from 1581 to 1594 as an adviser to the Roman-German emperor and the Czech and Croatian king Rudolf II. it was also used to popularize another Croatian scientific great, Nikola Tesla, who was a student in Prague, and since 2014 he has had the largest monument in the world in Nikola Tesla Street in Prague. A millennial photo dedicated to Tesla shows the students of the primary school Strossmayerovo náměstí who formed the inscription Tesla and three signs of lightning with their bodies. The Prague school, named after the Croatian bishop, politician, patron and honorary citizen of Prague, is celebrating its 110th anniversary this year, and in honor of that jubilee, Strikoman photographed its students forming a school logo consisting of the inscription “Strauss” and four pencils.Millennium photographs depicting groups of several hundred or thousands of people have been realized by Šime Strikoman since 2000, and after visiting Prague the number of photographs taken as part of the project rose to 593. Prague is the 197th city where millennial photographs were taken and one of the few outside Croatia.This marked the 400th anniversary of the death of Croatian inventor Faust Vrančić in Prague, and in Croatia where it was supposed to be the “year of the parachute”, ie an event where the whole world was to celebrate the genius of our innovator again nothing, silence and stillness. I apologize, but a scientific-professional meeting will be held at the Faust Vrančić Memorial Center. The Croatian is the inventor of the parachute, and we do not appreciate or respect that, let alone turn it into a unique and authentic tourist product. Still, it’s better to be someone’s copy; Croatia Tuscany, Croatian Monaco, Croatian Oktoberfest in Porec…Obviously our greats still value more out there than we do. Any other comment is superfluous.Related news:last_img read more