The old cowboy hat that breaks Fallout New Vegas

first_imgObsidian and Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout: New Vegas is a fun ride, but only if you’re one of the lucky few who doesn’t run into one of its many, many, many game crippling bugs. One of the biggest and most mysterious bugs facing users is an inability to enter the Las Vegas Strip later on in the game… a big problem, since the Strip is New Vegas‘s central hub. The bug is so bad that it causes even the Xbox 360 version to unceremoniously crash. Bethesda, on their part, is trying to fix the mess, with a PC patch incoming, and one for consoles coming sometime in the next few weeks. However, it seems like a Bethesda forum user may have figured out what the bug is that causes the game to crash when you enter the Strip, and boy… it’s a doozy.Apparently, the problem is that when you enter the Strip, the game is looking for your character to be wearing a very specific “old cowboy hat.” Not any cowboy hat will do: it has to be taken from a specific body on a specific NPC. If you don’t have that hat, the game will crash so hard it’ll simply freeze your Xbox 360, requiring a hard reset.The solution apparently works, but despite the fact that the bug and solution were identified over three weeks ago, it still hasn’t been fixed. How can a AAA game released right before the holiday season by one of gaming’s most beloved companies be this broken? It defies belief. Read more at Fidgitlast_img read more