Accio Potterheads: Look what happened when skydivers played Quidditch for real

first_imgWhat happens when a few crazy fans of Harry Potter get together? Uh, well, not much. Just plain and simple magic.What else can you call it when six people buckle up and dive from the sky with broomsticks to play Quidditch, and actually end up having a successful match?That is what you will see happening in this ad of ETB, a Colombian telecommunication company. The actual purpose of this ad is to promote ETB’s mobile plans, but it is serving some other purpose as well (read Harry Potter addiction).The video is in Spanish, so, we will tell you what the subtitle reads in the beginning: “Six of us, fans of the most famous wizard in the world, decided to make the sport from the books come to life”.For those who didn’t get the hint (we can’t see any hands), that message is apparently hinting at Harry Potter.All things said and done, you need to see how this real-life Quidditch match turns out:We wonder who scored the Snitch.last_img read more