S Club 8: Sundown

first_imgS Club 8: Sundown Out now Formerly known as S Club Juniors; like S Club 7, but with a higher ratio of girls to boys, and without a fat one who secretly wants to be in a nu-metal band, S Club are back. Their record company seem to have decided it’s alright for them to record a song about going out on a Friday night, complete with a bit where two of them sing a duet which hints that they might be having their first tentative fumbles in a burnt-out Ford Focus. The song’s fine, but it has great potential for the disruption of society; it’s also very attractive material for lazy Entz reps. Don’t bother buying this, you’ll be hearing it every weekend until your JCR stumps up for a new set of CDs, some time in 2009.ARCHIVE: 0th Week MT2003last_img read more