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HCCCollege Student and Alumna Nominated for Scholarships

first_imgNominees to the All-USA Academic Team may also be considered for the Coca-Cola Academic Team, New Century Scholars Programs, And All-State Academic Teams.“We are very proud of Rimsha and Kailyn. The dedication they have shown in achieving their academic goals and serving our community is truly inspirational. We congratulate them on their nominations, and we are cheering for them to be named to the All-USA Academic Team,” said HCCC President Dr. Chris Reber.Rimsha Bazaid is a 21-year-old Jersey City resident who will graduate with an Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting degree this May. She plans to transfer to New Jersey City University. Her leadership activities include serving as the Director of Community Service Outreach for the Student Government Association, Treasurer of Sigma Kappa Delta, Vice President of Beta Alpha Phi, participation in the Goldman Sachs Local College Collaborative Program, mentoring in the HCCC Student Success program, and volunteering at community service events such as Earth Keepers, HCCC student service events and Hunger Free Bayonne.Ms. Bazaid’s parents and siblings encouraged her to be the first in her family to complete a college degree.“My parents don’t speak fluent English, so my siblings translate, and make sure my parents are aware of my educational milestones,” Ms. Bazaid stated. “I chose the health care field because it helps individuals grow into people who care about others’ well-being.”Kailyn Segovia-Vazquez is a 20-year-old Bayonne resident who earned her HCCC Associate of Arts degree in Theatre Arts in December 2019. Her HCCC leadership activities included Honors Institute events, and Honors in Action projects. She is now studying Marine Biology Behavioral Husbandry and Theatre Arts at Montclair State University.“Both theatre and marine life have been the complete loves of my life, and I wanted to study both fields. I managed to integrate both subjects for over seventeen years, and made sure to pursue this dream and make it a reality,” Ms. Segovia-Vazquez said. Her goal is to become the first female marine biologist to conduct behavioral research on a giant squid. She also wants to work with dolphins, sea lions and walruses.Phi Theta Kappa is the premier honor society recognizing the academic achievements of students at associate degree-granting colleges and helping them grow as scholars and leaders. Established in 1918, the Society has more than 3.5 million members, and nearly 1,300 chapters in 11 nations, with approximately 240,000 active members in the United States.Beta Alpha Phi, the HCCC chapter of PTK, has earned the distinction of Five State Chapter Status, Phi Theta Kappa’s highest level of recognition. The PTK Chapter Plan offers five levels of engagement, with each level consisting of prescribed activities to build a strong, active chapter taking advantage of all PTK has to offer. ×  1 / 2  Kailyn Segovia  2 / 2  Rimsha Bazaid ❮ ❯ Hudson County Community College (HCCC) student Rimsha Bazaid and alumna Kailyn Segovia-Vazquez have been nominated for the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) International Honor Society All-USA Academic Team scholarship.The PTK All-USA Academic Team recognizes high-achieving students who demonstrate academic leadership and intellectual rigor combined with leadership and service that extends their education beyond the classroom to benefit society. Twenty team members from throughout the United States are named each year, with each receiving a $5,000 scholarship.center_img 1 / 2  Kailyn Segovia  2 / 2  Rimsha Bazaid ❮ ❯last_img read more


Gore galore

first_imgSugar glass is used on movie sets whenever glass is smashed in a film. It sets hard and is transparent, just like real glass, but is much more brittle and breaks more easily… plus it’s edible and sweet!The Halloween Red Velvet cupcakes (pictured) have been slashed and severed by shards of flying sugar glass and are bleeding a dark red cherry sauce.Note: sugar glass is hygroscopic, so must be placed in the cake soon after preparation, or it will soften, and lose its brittle quality.Recipe for Sugar GlassIngredientsWater 500mlLiquid Glucose250mlSugar 785gCream of tartar¼ tspOil sprayUtensilsOld saucepanCandy thermometerA shallow tray to act as a mouldMethod1. Line your mould with aluminium foil, ensuring there are no cracks. Cracks between sheets can be sealed using some spray oil. Spray the mould all over with oil spray at least half an hour before use. Mix together water, sugar, corn syrup and cream of tartar in the saucepan and bring to the boil with a candy thermometer inserted. Let the mixture boil, stirring continuously, until it reaches 300C.2. Pour the mixture very quickly and carefully into the oiled mould and let it cool.3. When cool, pop the mixture very carefully out of the mould. Then use a meat tenderiser to hit carefully in the centre and it cracks into perfect shards. Using the cupcake recipe of your choice and a vanilla or cream cheese frosting as a base, insert a shard into the centre of each cake and, with a pipette or spoon, drop some cherry pulp onto the glass as fake blood.Recipe for Cherry ’Blood’ SauceIngredientsBlack cherries, ripe and de-stoned 125g (1cup)Superfine (caster) sugar50gWater25mlLime juice½ tspCornstarch (cornflour)1 tbspMethod1. Pulp cherries with a hand blender, and place in a medium-sized heavy-bottomed pan along with the caster sugar, lime juice, water and cornstarch.2. Heat on medium until the cherries begin to release their liquid and then slowly bring to the boil, stirring continuously. Reduce to a simmer and heat until the cherry mixture has thickened to the desired consistency runny enough to pipe, but thick enough to prevent bleeding into the frosting. Allow to cool.l A Zombie Ate My Cupcake by Lily Vanilli is published by CICO Books at £9.99, hardback. Call 01256 302699 quoting GLR4JI to purchase a copy at the special price of £7.99 including free p&plast_img read more