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Jon Gruden isn’t the only Raiders coach familiar with Sean McVay

first_imgALAMEDA — While the hot-topic coaching connection ahead of Monday’s season opener features the Grudens and McVays, one Raiders assistant is quite familiar with the powerhouse Rams offense, too.Oakland offensive coordinator Greg Olson served as Los Angeles’ quarterbacks coach last year and worked with McVay when they coached under Gruden in Tampa Bay. Only so much intel can help an unproven Raiders defense slow down a juggernaut Rams offense on Monday Night Football, but Olson’s insight is one …last_img read more


UK will seek anti-gang ideas from US: David Cameron

first_imgPrime Minister of United Kingdom David Cameron says that Britain would seek solutions from the United States on gang violence and authorities would get strong powers to stop street mayhem from erupting again.Prime Minister of United Kingdom David Cameron said that Britain would look to the US for solutions to gang violence and authorities would get strong powers to stop street mayhem from erupting again.Prime Minister of United Kingdom David Cameron said on Thursday that Britain would look to the United States for solutions to gang violence after nights of riots and looting, and promised authorities would get strong powers to stop street mayhem from erupting again.Cameron told lawmakers he was “acting decisively to restore order on our streets,” as police raided houses to round up suspects from four nights of unrest in London and other English cities.Steve Kavanagh, the deputy assistant commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police, admitted the force initially did not deploy enough officers to control the outbreak of violence, saying “it is clear we did not have enough numbers on duty to deal.”Cameron also acknowledged that police had been overwhelmed by mobile groups of looters in the first nights of the rioting and said authorities were considering new powers, including allowing police to order thugs to remove masks or hoods, evicting troublemakers from subsidized housing and temporarily disabling cell phone instant messaging services.He said the 16,000 police deployed on London’s streets to deter rioters and reassure residents would remain through the weekend.advertisement”We will not let a violent few beat us,” Cameron said.While Britain’s streets were clear of looters for a second night in a row, the toll of the riots continued to climb. A 68-year-old man who was attacked during rioting in west London as he tried to put out a fire died late Thursday, police said in a statement.Richard Mannington Bowes had been in a coma since Monday. Police said a murder investigation has now been opened into his death.Lawmakers were summoned back from their summer vacations for an emergency session of Parliament on the riots as government and police worked to regain control, both on the streets and in the court of public opinion.During a session lasting almost three hours in which he faced 160 questions from lawmakers, Cameron promised tough measures to stop further violence and said “nothing should be off the table.” He said that included water cannon and plastic bullets – though senior police have said they don’t feel the need to use those at the moment. He also said officials would look at “whether there are tasks that the army could undertake that would free up more police for the front line.”Cameron said he would seek American advice on fighting the street gangs he blamed for helping spark Britain’s riots.He told lawmakers that he would look to cities like Boston for inspiration, and mentioned former Los Angeles, New York and Boston Police Chief William Bratton as a person who could help offer advice.Bratton said in a statement he’d be “pleased and honored” to provide services and counsel in any capacity, adding that he loves London and has worked with British police for nearly 20 years.Cameron told lawmakers he wanted to look at cities that had fought gangs “by engaging the police, the voluntary sector and local government.””I also believe we should be looking beyond our shores to learn the lessons from others who have faced similar problems,” Cameron said.He said the government, police and intelligence services were looking at whether there should be limits on the use of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook or services like BlackBerry Messenger to spread disorder.BlackBerry’s simple and largely cost free messaging service was used by rioters to coordinate their activities, Cameron’s office said.Britain’s Home Office said it planned to hold talks with police chiefs, Twitter, Facebook and Blackberry manufacturer Research In Motion Ltd.Facebook looks forward to meeting with the home secretary, the company said in a statement, adding that it has taken steps in recent days to ensure that any credible threats of violence are removed from the social networking site.Government officials said they were discussing with spy agencies and communications companies whether messaging services could be disabled in specific areas, or at specific times.Authorities are considering “whether it would be right to stop people communicating via these websites and services when we know they are plotting violence, disorder and criminality,” Cameron said.Cameron said that, in the future, police would be able to order people to remove masks, hoods or other face coverings when they suspect them of concealing their identity to carry out a crime. Currently, police must seek approval from a senior officer.advertisementCommunities Secretary Eric Pickles confirmed that powers that allow authorities to evict convicted criminals from government-subsidized housing will be strengthened. Authorities have the power to eject someone from social housing if they commit a crime, but only if the offense is in their own neighborhood.Pickles said he hoped the power would be more widely used, and that it would apply to crime committed anywhere.A program that can ban gang members from meeting together, loitering in certain places, or displaying gang insignia will also be extended, he said.Some lawmakers urged Cameron to take even tougher measures. Conservative Party lawmaker Peter Tapsell said he recalled law enforcement officers in Washington, D.C. in 1971 rounding up anti-Vietnam war demonstrators and imprisoning them in a sports stadium. Tapsell asked Cameron if London’s Wembley Stadium, the country’s showpiece soccer arena, could be used. Cameron insisted the stadium would be used only for “great sporting events.”Parliamentary authorities confirmed Thursday that a petition calling for those convicted of offenses during the riots to lose welfare payments could be debated by lawmakers. Earlier this month, Britain began an initiative under which online petitions with at least 100,000 signatures will be considered for debate in the House of Commons.Authorities said the petition crossed the threshold on Thursday – the first to do so – and would now be studied by a committee that decides on Parliament’s business.Britain’s riots began Saturday when an initially peaceful protest over a police shooting in north London turned violent. That clash triggered wider lawlessness that police struggled to halt.Across London, and then in cities throughout England, rioters set stores on fire and looted shops for sneakers, bicycles, electronics and leather goods. For the first couple of nights there were too few police on the streets to challenge them.That changed Tuesday, when 16,000 officers were deployed on London’s streets – almost three times the number of the night before.Police swooped on houses across London on Thursday, detaining suspects and retrieving stolen goods. The number of people arrested since Saturday rose to 1,009, with 464 suspects charged.Birmingham remained in focus as tensions remained high after three men were killed in a hit-and-run incident as they took to the streets to defend shops from looting. Police on Thursday arrested three more men on suspicion of murder – a 16-year-old, a 17-year-old and a 26-year old. A 32-year-old man arrested a day earlier was released on bail.Scenes of ransacked stores, torched cars and blackened buildings have frightened and outraged Britons just a year before their country is to host next summer’s Olympic Games, bringing demands for a tougher response from law enforcement and calls for the government to scrap plans to cut police budgets.Cameron’s Conservative-led government is slashing 80 billion pounds ($130 billion) from public spending by 2015 to reduce the country’s swollen budget deficit – measures that include curbing police budgets. A report last month said the cuts will mean 16,000 fewer police officers by 2015.advertisementNormality was being restored in London Thursday, although soccer authorities announced that Tottenham Hotspur’s season-opening match against Everton on Saturday was being postponed.Nine other Premier League matches due to be played this weekend across the country are due to go ahead.As authorities attempted to dispense swift justice to rioters, there were chaotic scenes at courthouses, several of which sat through the night to process scores of alleged looters and vandals, including an 11-year-old boy.The defendants, mostly young but otherwise diverse, included a teenage ballerina, a university English student from a prosperous commuter town and Natasha Reid, a 24-year-old university graduate who admitted stealing a TV from a looted electronics store in north London. Her lawyer said she had turned herself in because she could not sleep because of guilt.Also due to appear in court were several people charged with using Twitter and Facebook to incite violence.-With inputs from APlast_img read more


Calgary child care rate among highest in the country

first_imgThose looking to become parents in Calgary may want to save their pennies in preparation for the child care costs.According to a new report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Calgary has the highest median rates for pre-school child care in the country outside Ontario.Parents can expect to pay about $1,000 a month, which is the eighth highest in the country.The report also shows rates are going up at a higher pace than inflation, having risen eight per cent in the past three years.Toronto has the highest rates in the country, while Montreal has the lowest.last_img read more


Daughter fuming after MMIWG inquiry staff cancels moms flight

first_imgKathleen Martens APTN NewsAn Iqaluit woman is furious after national inquiry staff suddenly cancelled her mother’s trip to Yellowknife this week – without telling her.“She said, ‘Janet, I feel so ashamed. It’s just like when I was in residential school,’” Janet Brewster said in a telephone interview from Iqaluit about her mother Betty Brewster.Betty was scheduled to help her sister Kathy Meyer testify about her missing daughter Angela Meyer, 22, on Tuesday.She said Betty was “embarrassed” when First Air sent her home from the Iqaluit airport Tuesday saying there was no ticket for her.There had been a ticket for the 70-year-old, but bad weather cancelled the initial flight Sunday to Yellowknife for the public hearings of the National Inquiry in Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.Betty Brewster. Family photo.Bad weather hit the Nunavut capital again on Monday and Brewster couldn’t get off the ground.Someone from the inquiry then cancelled the ticket Tuesday, Janet said, without informing the family.An inquiry spokesperson said a staff member made a decision about travel based on problems with the weather and the fact Meyer’s testimony would have been completed Tuesday before Betty could arrive.See related: Lack of mental health care a factor in missing woman’s disappearance: FamilyMeyer said she has spoken to her sister by phone and, at this time, it was a problem they were unable to process after the high emotion of Tuesday.“She is an elder with a bad back and stress makes the pain worse. But she wants to come and I’m still hoping they’ll get her here,” said Meyer.See more from the final day of the national inquiry hearings in Yellowknife Janet wanted more, saying her mother deserved an explanation and even an apology.“I can’t even explain how it feels to see my mom go through that,” she said, noting an inquiry employee contacted her Wednesday after she complained about what happened on social media.“I know to some people it’s just a cancelled flight. But we opened our minds and bodies into going there and being part of that process,” said [email protected]last_img read more


Editors note As regular readers know when it co

first_imgEditor’s note: As regular readers know, when it comes to spotting the next explosive investment trend, we turn to Strategic Trader editor E.B. Tucker.Last year, he told us about one of the top money-making opportunities today: the legal sports betting industry.But recently, E.B. found a backdoor way to profit off of this young market – by tapping into the growing electronic gaming industry.He’s already recommended two ways to profit from this boom in his Strategic Trader letter.One’s up 291% in just over two months. The other’s up 167% in just over one month.Those are incredible returns. As you can see, this is real. It’s happening today. And now’s the time to take advantage.E.B. recently sat down with Chris Lowe for Legacy Inner Circle to share all the details… and explain why you should be paying attention to “virtual sports”…Chris Lowe: I want to touch on a big shift in the gambling world that you’ve put on the radars of your Strategic Trader readers. As I gather now, folks aren’t just betting on real-life games between real-life players. There’s a new market for “virtual sports” that’s blowing up.E.B. Tucker: That’s right. First, we should make some definitions clear. There’s an important distinction between virtual sports and “esports,” which is also becoming a big deal right now in the betting world.Virtual sports are computer-simulated games. Other than the person placing the bet, there’s no human involved. The football game, or NASCAR race, or NBA final you’re betting on is 100% a computer simulation.Esports, on the other hand, is humans playing video games. People bet on them winning video games like they’d bet on a regular sports game.Chris: So help me picture what an esports tournament might be like.E.B.: Imagine a video game arcade with room for about 75 people. They’re all paying $10 an hour to sit at a computer terminal and play a game such as Fortnite or Overwatch.One of the players in the room is Billy, who’s 16 years old and a great player. So you could bet $100 that Billy’s going to slay the dragon and capture the princess.That’s the distinction. In esports, you’re betting on a person winning a video game. With virtual sports, you’re betting on outcomes in a computer-simulated version of a sports game. The “game” then plays out on a screen.Chris: Betting on computer-simulated sports games sounds bizarre. Where’s the fun in that?E.B.: I know what you mean. When I first read about the virtual sports betting phenomenon, I felt I needed to see it in action firsthand.Pennsylvania was one of the first states in the U.S. to offer virtual sports betting through its state lottery commission. So I flew to Pittsburgh, and I picked a place on the south side of the city called Smokin’ Joe’s Saloon. The state lottery commission website said it offered this type of betting.I walked into Smokin’ Joe’s and asked if they had a virtual sports betting machine. They didn’t really know what I was talking about. But they said, “Well, we have this machine over there from the lottery.” Virtual sports betting machine in Smokin’ Joe’sIt’s this yellow terminal with slots for your money and a screen. There’s even a card reader so you can pay with a debit or credit card. It gives me the option to play the state lottery games. It also has Xpress Football, a virtual sports betting game. E.B. bet $1 each on five random outcomes in a virtual football gameI take a pencil. And I cross through some options on one of the cards beside the machine. They’re like the cards from the Powerball lotto.The options it gives you are all “prop” bets. That’s gambling parlance for proposition bets. These are side bets on anything other than the final outcome of the game. For instance, a touchdown, a field goal, an extra point, or a turnover. I bet $5 – five separate $1 bets on five different outcomes.Chris: Walk me through how the game simulation works. Like I said, it sounds bizarre to me.E.B.: Every five minutes, a new simulated football “game” starts. These have randomly generated outcomes. Each game starts with the ball on the 20-yard line. They go four downs to the end zone. You bet on what’s going to happen in that period.For one of my $1 bets – you can bet up to $20 on each – I bet that there would be a turnover on the second play. Turns out there was a turnover on the second play.Chris: How did you do?E.B.: My $1 bet paid out $175.Chris: That’s not a bad result. Did you keep playing?E.B.: No. I’m a seasoned speculator. When I win at a game I don’t understand on odds of 175-1… I walk. I promptly cashed out and took the money.Chris: Where is this all going over the next several years?E.B.: Just like any type of betting sanctioned by the state lottery commission, the state takes a big cut of every dollar bet. While I won, the odds are not good for players. Lotteries and games of chance are big revenue generators for state budgets.Michigan is also getting in on virtual sports through its lottery. States tend to follow each other when it comes to new sources of tax revenue. It won’t be long before most states offer virtual sports betting. It’s going to be hugely popular.Chris: You don’t think there’ll be resistance to this new kind of gambling? Sounds like you could lose a lot of money, if you’re not as careful as you were.E.B.: I don’t think so. I was living in South Carolina in 2002 when they launched the state lottery there. Everybody I talked to about it at the time was convinced it was a bad idea.So they called it the “South Carolina Education Lottery.” And they sent a chunk of the profits to South Carolinian schools. This lowered the level of opposition considerably. Last year, the South Carolina state lottery generated $1.7 billion in sales. And $430 million of this went into state education programs.It’s the state lottery commissions that are rolling out these virtual sports betting machines. And state lottery commissions are huge revenue generators. Once lawmakers get used to that money pouring into state coffers, there’s no turning back.It’s the same for sports betting in general. Once the state coffers start filling up, any opposition will quickly disappear.Chris: Do we have any idea yet how large this market could get in dollar terms?E.B.: We don’t know exactly. What we do know is that Greece introduced virtual sports betting in 2017. In the first 12 months, players bet $600 million.Pennsylvania has a population just slightly larger than Greece’s. But Pennsylvania’s GDP is three times higher. So let’s say the same number of people in Pennsylvania bet about three times the amount they bet in Greece. That works out to $1.8 billion.Now, multiply this by the 50 states in the country. We’re talking roughly $100 billion in bets a year in the U.S. on completely simulated virtual sports.Remember, you can bet on simulated games 365 days a year. There’s no football season… or basketball season. You just walk into a bar and place a couple of bets while you’re drinking a beer. You may well stay there for hours. In fact, with a new “game” every five minutes, you could potentially play up to 12 times an hour.Chris: How do you get exposure to this trend?E.B.: What my chief analyst, John Pangere, and I are looking into for our Strategic Trader readers are the companies making the software and providing the services that make virtual sports betting happen.We’re looking to play it with something called stock warrants.Without getting too far into the weeds, a stock warrant is a security that gives you the right, but not the obligation, to buy shares in a company at a fixed price at any time during a pre-determined period.In simple terms, warrants are a way to make more money than just buying a stock outright. They’re also a much cheaper way to get in. They’re as easy to trade as common stock. And they offer better returns than common stock because of the leverage they give you to a rising stock price.I also recommend taking aim at the legal sports betting business in general.It’s hard to know for sure how big the sports betting market will become. But research from the American Gaming Association estimates that illegal sports betting is worth $150 billion a year.The legal sports betting market will be even bigger. You see, markets the government has outlawed always grow when they become legal again. This makes sense if you think about it.Up to now, if you wanted to bet on a game outside of Nevada, you had to find a “bookie” – someone who would illegally take a bet for you.If you lost the bet… and didn’t pay up… your bookie might have someone go over to your home and break your legs. Because you were betting illegally, you probably felt like you didn’t have any legal recourse.But even with those considerable hurdles, illegal sports betting was a $150 billion business. Now that you can bet in the open, I expect the industry to hit $250 billion in the next few years.Chris: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today, E.B.E.B.: My pleasure.Editor’s note: As we mentioned earlier, E.B.’s found two of the best ways to take advantage of the electronic gaming industry. One of his picks is up 291% since April 18. The other has soared 167% since May 16.Both of these picks are still buys today… as E.B. sees much bigger gains ahead.Remember, this is a long-term play… a multibillion-dollar industry that’s finally stepping out of the shadows and going mainstream.You don’t want to let this opportunity slip. You can access these specific plays – and all of E.B.’s research in the sector – with a subscription to Strategic Trader. Click here to sign up today.Chart of the Day: This Key Indicator Is Bullish for CryptosBy Houston Molnar, analyst, Casey ResearchCryptos are up more than 133% over the last three months… And as we showed you last week, we believe this is just the beginning.Today, we have another bullish sign… For more, we turn to our in-house crypto and blockchain expert Marco Wutzer.Marco is the senior analyst of Disruptive Profits. He’s also a true crypto pioneer. He’s been involved with digital currencies since the late 1990s… and made so much money speculating on them that he dropped everything a few years ago to travel the world.In other words, when he talks, it pays to listen. I recently asked him about what he’s seeing in the sector…There are a ton of positive developments, but one stat stood out: the explosive growth in blockchain wallets. (Think of blockchain wallets as a brokerage account which stores your investments, but for cryptos.)The chart below shows the total number of blockchain wallets since 2012.As you can see, the number of people who believe in blockchain technology is rapidly growing. Over 7 million blockchain wallets have been created so far this year. That’s a 24% increase year-to-date.It’s also important to highlight that the growth rate hardly budged in 2018 as the crypto market lost more than 85% of its value. The increase in wallets over a brutal bear market shows that something groundbreaking is happening with blockchain technology.This is huge. Think about it… More blockchain wallets mean more people are excited about the space.This is just the latest reason to have exposure to cryptos today. More people today have wallets than ever before. And as cryptos break out into the mainstream, that number will continue to go higher…If you haven’t yet, consider investing in bitcoin. Bitcoin is considered the reserve currency of the crypto world and is a great place to start.Marco says:Bitcoin can improve any portfolio because it has a low correlation to other common asset classes, such as stocks, bonds, commodities, and real estate. Having even just a small percentage in bitcoin can reduce the volatility of the portfolio.Even more importantly, Marco points out that we are still at the beginning of a new financial system based on blockchain technology. And the biggest rewards go to those investors who get familiar with this new asset class the earliest. So now is a good time to get familiar with bitcoin.– Houston Molnar P.S. Bitcoin isn’t the only way to profit in the crypto space… Marco specializes in finding blockchain projects with massive upside potential. We’re talking 100x, 200x, even 300x. One of Marco’s recent picks is up 153% since he made the recommendation back in January. And good news for those who have yet to jump on board: The recommendation is still under its buy-up-to price.You can access the name of this project – and all of Marco’s extensive research on cryptos – with a subscription to Disruptive Profits. Go here to sign up today.last_img read more