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Shanghai dragon plan how to write the write what

analysis of the

1. user search behavior of

keyword analysis is completed, the natural keyword set. If your site is in a state of just on the line of words, index should not be small advice Changsha Shanghai Longfeng set high keywords. In addition to the set number of keywords on it is not too much, so that your website ranking will be more favorable.

1. user search

keyword. Keywords

two. Website content page keywords and strategy

After the

most of the staff will be on the site of Shanghai Longfeng line before a reasonable plan for the site, sorting out a feasible scheme of Shanghai dragon, and later in the process of this will follow down Shanghai Longfeng scheme. Let your network tie down the long-term development, such a scheme is essential to Shanghai dragon. A perfect Shanghai dragon program lets you clear the specific direction of Shanghai Longfeng optimization and target, but also can improve your keywords ranking. How a Shanghai Longfeng such do, more youth Shanghai Longfeng Xiaobian to introduce you slowly. read more


How to grasp the core needs of users

Shanghai dragon is the promise was ranked as a business, but basically all think the ranking = flow = performance, this is very wrong, if you want long-term development must advance to tell their ranking and performance cannot delimit the equation. When the user demand for web content data to their customer service needs feedback statistics.

First, the site location of

second, determine the audience



of different industries facing the core needs of users is different, so there is no way it can only provide niche of some suggestions for your reference and reference, is simple and practical in most industries demand as the core, but for some special industries such as luxury goods is not suitable. read more