ndonesian beauty electronic business platform Sociolla B round of financing

Sociolla is a Jakarta Indonesia e-commerce sites to provide all kinds of cosmetics and beauty products, just because of a new round of B round of financing and renewal.

round of financing by the Tokyo Stock Exchange listed company Istyle investment, which is a big player in the field of beauty, operating a popular beauty site in Japan @cosme. In addition, Singapore East Ventures also participated in the financing, but the amount of the current round of financing has not yet been disclosed.

Sociolla intends to expand its business scope to Indonesia through cooperation with Istyle. Sociolla said in a statement that this year will continue to carry out operations in Taiwan, Hongkong and Thailand.

March 2015, Christopher Madiam, John Rasjid and Chrisanti Indiana co founded Sociolla. The company claims can provide 140 kinds of world-renowned beauty brand, its rival is Luxola, is the beauty of an e-commerce company headquartered in Singapore, covering most areas of Southeast Asia, has been acquired by LVMH in July 2015.

September 2015, Sociolla won a seven digit A round of financing, led by the Venturra Capital cast, East Ventures and the Indonesian portal KapanLagi Network angel investor Steve Christian also followed the vote.

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