Lightning purchase CEO Wang Yongsen Community electricity supplier how to achieve product service bo

review: Wang Yongsen prize that day, standing on the stage said the two speech is very interesting.

Wang Yongsen award that day, standing on the stage said the two speech is very interesting.

said that, "I don’t want to introduce our company and our business on this occasion, perhaps the end of the ceremony, you will forget to purchase lightning. In 2016 we will use the best service and good goods to remember us. The second sentence, it is a small call, if there are entrepreneurial innovative companies, they provide you with 5, $8 red envelopes let you download their App, I hope you can go to use."

Wang Yongsen said these two words, representing not only the voice of their own business a year, but also now so many innovative companies in Hangzhou. The product of the Internet can be remembered, one of the most important reason is that it comes from the service. Today to innovative characters Festival is just one part of them, most of the startups, they live very hard, so I would hope that we can to support these companies downloaded from a App start. Because everyone’s support for an innovative company is a hope, you can warm behind a group of entrepreneurs."

at 10 in the morning, Dajing Street Mint garden just open the door, so that the original temperature below zero outside the downtown River Square neighborhood without the popularity, the meeting from beginning to end, we sat in the cafe two. Wang Yongsen in the busy work arrangements, out of an hour in the morning, after the meeting to catch the airport to fly to Beijing. When it comes to the word "warm", Wang Yongsen poured some hot water into my cup.

December 2014 lightning formally launched, this convenient living service class App, access to the entity within the partition, the user on the phone to buy 1 km range of peripheral convenience store goods, service for 1 hours. In 2015, after 1 years of development of lightning purchase has covered Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Suzhou 6 key city, with 5 million users, 1 of thousands of businesses; obtained by H capital, the fund along lead investor and in October, China, Ali Jingwei founder Wu Yongming Jing Yuan capital with the cast of B wheel this round of financing, the amount of financing of up to tens of millions of dollars.

at the beginning of 2015, we did not do what the so-called planning, there has never been a development of drawings, how to come over, entirely by the time of a year out." It is obvious that Wang Yongsen’s exploration is guided by internal logic. This is Wang Yongsen’s own accumulation.

in early 2006, Wang Yongsen and colleagues in Beijing a branch established 8 Ali, and later lead management of the 15 branches of the two thousand or three thousand people, the city, cross team management experience of large, for now the purchase of lightning is undoubtedly a huge sum of wealth kaijiangtuotu. After that, the king began to take charge of the Juhuasuan

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