At present more than eighty percent of enterprises will not operate their own website

is currently more than eighty percent of the enterprise site are not properly managed, the main is not really understand the website operation, also is at present a lot of enterprises for the purpose of the site just to have a business facade, when asked of others can say they have a net station.

now has its own website, more and more companies or individuals, but most companies do not understand how the operation and promotion, some companies recruit when site operators who require what degree will edit articles per minute typing speed, skilled use of office software and so on.

here you can think of, website management involves the website promotion and edit articles on things, but only a write operation to understand how much. A good web site operators to understand the most important aspects of the network economy, literature and other aspects of editing, but just a simple text editor is also increasingly unable to keep up with the development of the enterprise.

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