Tmall double 11 strongest village Liu Qiangdong home baked hand chop was sacked the

11 this year in addition to the main global shopping spree, rural Taobao is also a key direction.

the fact that the rural Taobao made a good record, at least to the home of Liu Qiangdong are captured.

from 2 pm yesterday published data, Taobao TOP10 transactions of rural village of nouveau riche is ranked first in the county of Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, Yang Mu Yi Tao Zhen Dong Wang Miao cun. And in the top ten, there are two villages in Suqian.

although this is not the final data, but the data I saw yesterday at the scene, the final ranking of these three villages in Suqian is still ranked TOP10.

don’t know what Liu Qiangdong thought after seeing…

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