After the price adjustment Beijing international domain name Com latest price

October 15th morning news, the domestic domain Licensor confirmed today,.Com,.Net and.Org international domain name wholesale price today by 7% to 10% range, the domestic domain authorized channel wholesale prices have rose accordingly, but some registrars digest their price, not to mention the price.

in accordance with the notice before the international domain name administration of ICANN, from the beginning of October 15th,.Com domain name of the wholesale price will increase from $6 to $6.42, up 7%;.Net the wholesale price will increase from $3.50 to $3.85, up 10%;.Org prices have risen.

I do not know

China civilink (http://s.net.cn/).Com domain name: 139 yuan / month / year

Beijing (http://s.xinnet.com/).Com domain name: 138 yuan / month / year

Xinwanghulian (http://s.dns.com.cn/).Com domain name: 130 yuan / month / year

vitech (http://s.nihao.cn/).Com domain name: 95 yuan / month / year

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