Tiexue military half sales more than 50 million and 8 months pushing its own brand

NetEase Francisco July 20th message, the military community Tiexue CEO Jiang Lei said, the first half of the military sales of more than 50 million yuan, year-on-year doubling in August will launch its own brand of military products. In order to meet the business needs of the electricity supplier fund, recently several iron contact RMB investment fund, to discuss financing.

Jiang Lei accepted the interview in today’s science and technology NetEase Tiexue sponsored "2011 community e-commerce forum dinner. Public information display, last year Tiexue military sales of about 50 million yuan. Jiang Lei said that in the first half of this year sales will exceed 50 million yuan, up double, which accounted for half of the online and offline turnover. The B2C business online, Junpin mall will launch its own brand in August, the factory is responsible for the design, generation and processing. The line of its own brand, the Junpin mall single price from 1000 yuan down to 200~300 yuan, reducing the purchase threshold; under the line, the last year has opened 2 line outlets, added in the first half of 3, the second half of the year plans to open three, the north of Guangzhou first-tier cities are has covered (each city only to open a store of experience).

Tiexue Junpin mall customers almost entirely from the community. It is understood that the predator community to store high conversion rate of 2.6%, two times the proportion of the purchase of more than 30%.

for community operations, always be wary of regulatory red line, military community is particularly sensitive to regulation. The B2C business, only with military clothing color outdoor leisure clothing; weapons only tools Swiss Army knife, this has always been relatively cautious. Jiang Lei said with a smile, if imitation guns, knives, uniform one day of release, "the market at least tens of billions".

In order to meet the needs of business development of

, recently several iron contact RMB investment fund, has finished Term Sheet (list of investment terms), will soon disclose relevant information. The predator only in 2004 received a personal investment, no record of financing, has been relying on internal cash flow support. The choice of RMB fund means that the future will choose gem listing, Jiang Lei said, I hope to be able to log in 2~3 gem, has now begun to carry out preparatory work.

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