An enterprise registered after 5 years without the use of SmithKline for Chinese domain

Chinese SmithKline’s domain name is another enterprise registered, and other well-known medicine Fenbid Kangtaike manufacturer and marketer of British and American Tianjin’s Smith crane company

Our court for

. Before the court ruling to all domain name two.

in both the plaintiff claims 100 thousand registered enterprises

two the company alleged that the British Smith crane company in July 1998, approved by the State Trademark Bureau, in pharmaceutical preparations and who registered the "SmithKline pharmaceutical trademark, after Chinese to open up the market, the Smith company authorized to use the trademark of Sino US Tianjin gsk.


company believes that "SmithKline" trademark has been widely publicized and known to every family, constitutes a well-known trademark. But in July 2003, South Rainbow printing factory registered the domain name Chinese SmithKline, the printing factory registration does not use a stop Smith company registered the domain name malicious.


company believes that South Rainbow printing factory registered to consumers caused by the mistake, constitute trademark infringement and unfair competition. Two companies require South Rainbow printing plant to stop infringement, a public apology and compensation of $100 thousand.

The court found the presence of malicious cybersquatting behavior

a court hearing, the Southern Rainbow printing factory did not submit a reply.

a court that the "SmithKline with high visibility, South Rainbow printing factory registered the domain name has subjective to obtain improper benefits, and registered for 5 years not to use, further confirms the domain name registration is malicious, constitute unfair competition.

judgement of a court SmithKline Chinese domain name Smith crane company, but because the South Rainbow printing factory is registered, no practical use, and no adverse effects and actual losses to the plaintiff, a court dismissed two other claims of the plaintiff.

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