Suning to promote employee stock ownership plan


technology news September 4th evening news, Su ningyun today evening announcement, announced a new round of ESOP, there are no more than 1200 people participated in this time, the total amount of funds not more than 550 million yuan, the underlying number of shares involved approximately 71 million 614 thousand and 600 shares. At the same time, the controlling shareholder of the bank to provide support for the employee stock ownership plan.

the employee stock ownership plan can be implemented after the approval of the general meeting of shareholders. At the same time, Su ningyun announced that its shares will resume trading in September 5th. Its application to the individual shares of the pledge financing, to provide support for the employee stock ownership plan.

It is reported that in June

, when the China Commission issued the "guidance" on listed companies ESOP pilot, Suning will respond the first time, the formal implementation in early September. The biggest highlight of the ESOP is wide coverage, broke into the company and the way of life, for all senior staff, including the IT R & D personnel, Internet operators, also has a line manager; both the Secretary for the new airborne executives, but also grew up from the grassroots old employees.

according to the announcement, the number of employees involved in the ESOP does not exceed 1200 people, the total amount of funds not more than $550 million, the number of shares involved in the underlying stock of about 71 million 614 thousand and 600. Under the guidance of the Commission, the employee stock ownership plan on a voluntary basis, to market to buy, and lock the 1 year period.

Suning said that ESOP is only part of Suning talent strategy. Since this year, Suning in order to increase the attraction of high-end talent, in terms of school will recruit 1200 project to pipe Pearson tilt, with high salaries to attract talents in Colleges and universities.

mature talent in the upper reaches of the community, this year opened a large number of senior management positions and department heads, the number of employees in the first half of the year exceeded last year. The recently held Su Ningzhi summer party scene, Zhang Jindong announced that Suning will come up with 30 million yuan, the creation of the Internet innovation fund and talent development fund, to fully mobilize the internal talent micro innovation. (Zhang Nan)

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