CANN will introduce a domain name auction mechanism Y com and G com into focus

According to informed sources, the domain name management organization ICANN plans to introduce an auction mechanism in the field of domain name allocation, Y.com, G.com and other domains have not yet registered or will sell a good price.

the source said, ICANN is currently brewing domain name auction rules, and in the selection of appropriate auction institutions. " YAHOO, Google had coveted Y.com and G.com, but the former ICANN has been holding up, the two companies have not been willing to return, after the introduction of the auction mechanism, these domain names will sell a good price ".


said that the domain name auction proceeds will be distributed by ICANN, mainly used to improve Internet infrastructure, to ensure the safety and stability of the Internet, " if the auction market is considerable, ICANN may reduce the general registration costs associated with ".

according to industry analysts, if the successful implementation of the ICANN domain name auction mechanism, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) will certainly follow the ICANN, auction CN domain name.

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