Ministry of Commerce continue to follow up and improve e commerce regulation

Beijing, April (Xinhua) Xinhua Finance Channel was informed that the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Yao Jian today at a regular press conference informed of the situation in China’s business operations in 1-3 months of 19 months in 2011. Ministry of Commerce issued a third party transaction specification is not mandatory, is a reference guide, but with the follow-up to follow up and improve the supervision, continue to provide solutions to these problems of e-commerce.

There are many problems in

online shopping, Yao Jian said, especially e-commerce e-commerce development speed is very fast, it exists in two aspects, which are the traditional business enterprise develops the electronic commerce, there are a lot of risk investment, investment to develop electronic commerce model in the trading volume are constantly expanding, there are according to the statistics of annual growth at a rate of one hundred percent. Therefore, in the development of e-commerce, it is an urgent problem to be solved.

Yao Jian said that the Ministry of Commerce recently led by the information department issued a specification for third party transactions, of course, this specification is not mandatory, is a reference guide. The development of each trade model will follow the follow-up supervision, with these regulations continue to follow up and improve, will give e-commerce solutions to these problems.

at present, the problem of e-commerce, including the quality of the problem, including the integrity of the problem will exist, we want to through these work, to further promote. Of course, e-commerce is not a matter of the Ministry of Commerce, but also including the Internet industry associations, including the Ministry of industry and information technology, and so the complete set of laws and regulations.

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