Lipstick into hard currency dle fish million a year turnover

Abstract: at the end of the largest share of the economic platform free fish to the latest release of a group of "lipstick index", the 2016 data show that the idle fish platform only lipstick sold to more than one million, more than half of only try one or two times unused items.

There is a word called "lipstick effect" in

economics, which links the consumption phenomenon with the macro economy. At the end of the largest share of the economic platform free fish to the latest release of a group of "lipstick index", I do not know whether to provide samples but obviously is the economic trend, the new economy has become the leading consumption share.

data show that in 2016 alone on the platform for the sale of more than one million units of lipstick, more than half of the test is only one or two times the idle items.

"lipstick" tells you that women may be more love

general manager of Department of idle fish Chen Albert said, "share in the economy brings convenience to people’s lives, but also led to the new trend of many consumer, lipstick ‘walking free fish" is becoming a fashion."

for men, it may be difficult to understand the other half of the day on the casual fish "lipstick trading" is busy. But many women talk but idle fish Miss Xue closely reasoned and well argued, the user said, in the idle platform to sell lipstick particularly fast, she has been shot more than and 20 this year. Usually like the money will buy 3-5, if the color is not appropriate in the transfer of idle fish. New or try color 1-2 times, the color of the best-selling lipstick, generally can be folded 6-7 turnover".

Miss Xue said, a free fish, idle lipstick have a new place, but it will also buy more presumptuous.

idle fish data show that on the basis of the highest turnover of the top ten brands include: YSL (YSL), MAC (M.A.C), CHANEL (Chanel), DIOR (Dior), GIVENCHY (Givenchy), ESTEE LAUDER (Estee Lauder), ARMANI (Armani), ETUDE HOUSE (Etude), GUERLAIN (Guerlain), KIKO MILANO (KIKO).

lipstick upstart TOM (Tom · Ford FORD and THE SAEM) (fresh) is also growing rapidly, has reached the top ten.


addition, according to the University of fish pond data statistics, female college students like the top five lipstick brands: MAC, CHANEL, ETUDE HOUSE, YSL, DIOR. Moderate price and fashion MAC become the most popular, interactive and most active brand.

sell more expensive than the original price?

, like Lego, lipstick is playing with the girls have become a lipstick economy". And there’s a platform for sharing the economy

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