WeChat membership card management system can be used in micro business

database marketing is very important, is to have purchased the customer, classified into their own database.

this way, the next time to do marketing, it is able to deal with the old data in the past, targeted marketing and promotion.

for this reason, our WeChat card member system, you can buy old customers have been classified into their own WeChat public account.

in the future every time the customer to buy, as long as their own card number, you can get the corresponding points.

not only that, in the event of changes in the balance or changes in the balance, the customer can receive the appropriate notification on the public account.

this way, each purchase, equivalent to a certain degree of communication with the headquarters, in addition to selling out of the product, the exposure of the brand and the interaction between users have a role in promoting.

from this point of view, WeChat membership card management system can be used not only in the store, do some micro business or e-commerce project management system, can also use WeChat membership card to their membership management, activation, mining customer lifetime value.

article source: thousands of passenger CRM WeChat membership card management system

original link: http://s.1000crm.com/post.asp? ANum=201610228591880719816

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