Popcorn League is becoming more and more rubbish

      I am popcorn advertising alliance number 112, to join the League earlier, playing for more than half a year, received 2 times the money, the recent K.
      at the beginning of the alliance can also, transparency is relatively high, then is not crazy, buckle quantity, when my day IP increased 5 times, but only the first 50% hits, you say strange not strange.
      the following is a dialogue after the closure of the
      corn bloom 10:31:00 my account 112 how to look at it? I’m not sure about ID ID:112
      popcorn alliance 10:52:44 you cheat by the title of your station is composed of
      corn flower 10:54:26 right? I was the first to join, my website is advertising, but users still have to content, it should not be a reason for the title? From last year to now my site is now in style, why only now title? All of my visitors through the search, and the contents of my web page can be included in the search, and how it is possible that your station is composed of advertising it? Do you have to say what the difficulties?
      in fact, popcorn alliance has been frantically titles, tens of thousands of individual stationmaster one by one cheat, ten thousand K owners can save 1 million of the advertising fee.
      if I have problems, look at the 7 "Star Alliance site" popcorn themselves, now no one in advertising or popcorn, popcorn feeling is not worth doing, either by K,
      now there are tens of thousands of people webmaster to join, they pay advertisement fee is only 1000 when 1/10.
      cannot play website do not play, why this shame?

      October 13th speech: if my website is rubbish, why I had popcorn advertising approval, the only explanation is more than my popcorn advertising junk website.

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