Recruitment and training industry website manager business treasure entrepreneurial team plan

Hi2000 chairman Sun Deliang recently revealed that the " business; " has launched the " " program; entrepreneurial team; training, recruiting a number of industry website manager, fully involved in the comprehensive B2B (inter enterprise business) market.

in April this year, Hi2000 launched the industry website based on " business website, " " business " industry website alliance as the foundation, creating a unique " small portal + " alliance; mode, caused widespread concern. Hi2000 official machine expert


Sun Deliang confirmed 29, Hi2000 board decided to share 20% of the shares, the official machine expert. This is Hi2000 since June this year, successfully China clothing network into its " business; " after the first equity participation in the further development of industry website, Hi2000 is following the listing in Shenzhen A stock market last year became the first network shares, launched another important step to build its 100 similar Chinese chemical network the industry website plan.

it is reported that most of the end users of the machinery industry is the enterprise, and many other industries cross strong, these are the natural conditions for the development of B2B e-commerce.

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