Shanghai dragon plan how to write the write what

analysis of the

1. user search behavior of

keyword analysis is completed, the natural keyword set. If your site is in a state of just on the line of words, index should not be small advice Changsha Shanghai Longfeng set high keywords. In addition to the set number of keywords on it is not too much, so that your website ranking will be more favorable.

1. user search

keyword. Keywords

two. Website content page keywords and strategy

After the

most of the staff will be on the site of Shanghai Longfeng line before a reasonable plan for the site, sorting out a feasible scheme of Shanghai dragon, and later in the process of this will follow down Shanghai Longfeng scheme. Let your network tie down the long-term development, such a scheme is essential to Shanghai dragon. A perfect Shanghai dragon program lets you clear the specific direction of Shanghai Longfeng optimization and target, but also can improve your keywords ranking. How a Shanghai Longfeng such do, more youth Shanghai Longfeng Xiaobian to introduce you slowly.

on the site will soon be completed when the construction part of the code, we need to prepare Shanghai Longfeng keyword analysis. In my own experience, I usually put the keywords with a EXCAL document to list one by one. Then some users often search keywords to sort out the love Shanghai promotion tool or tools love Shanghai index, and the keyword search volume low will be removed. Xiao Bian here to remind you that no keyword index is promising, must not miss. After determining the main keyword is the keyword column page, column page keywords should itself closely, so the column page itself, and keywords will be more appropriate.

everything should pay attention to strategy, do Shanghai dragon is the same. Keywords and website content page strategy is what? Small mainly divided into the following:

. A

no matter from which side, demand analysis of user search is a very important step. How to analyze the user’s search needs? There are several ways to teach you. Are love Shanghai drop-down box, search page, love Shanghai index, love Shanghai in the promotion of keywords planner tool.

2. number should not be too much

The demand analysis of

drop-down box is a key to select the good helper keywords, generally in the drop-down box are the words of the most users to search for the past three days. The love of Shanghai based on the search for the word itself every day search volume on the size of the order, the higher the search volume, ranking by month ago. Search is a very good and long tail word Related words to expand the helper, generally refers to some users are more concerned about the words, these words can be used.


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