How to grasp the core needs of users

Shanghai dragon is the promise was ranked as a business, but basically all think the ranking = flow = performance, this is very wrong, if you want long-term development must advance to tell their ranking and performance cannot delimit the equation. When the user demand for web content data to their customer service needs feedback statistics.

First, the site location of

second, determine the audience



of different industries facing the core needs of users is different, so there is no way it can only provide niche of some suggestions for your reference and reference, is simple and practical in most industries demand as the core, but for some special industries such as luxury goods is not suitable.

to determine the audience requires an in-depth study on their age, habits, hobbies, time and so on, the investigation is very important, because if we go to the customer when the user experience and user demand is very important, even our needs and experience their users are not well how convincing

for example, we are a network company, our audience and service groups to the area of various sectors of the small and medium enterprises, large enterprises (except for large enterprises generally have their own network team). Customer service most of profits from the Internet or to the Internet (or transformation), financial network news such as iResearch and plum network they will understand some of these sites, so some "experts" to provide the data is very important.

fifth, the effect of


attribute researchAfter

to your site and the enterprise positioning, profit pattern and development orientation is very important. In a few years after the Internet estimates all know that most of the Web2.0 site because there is no good profit model all died, we give our website localization is a transaction or online publicity trading line, sell a product or service. A location to determine the target audience, just need to study their properties.

fourth, demand predict

is the core topic of this year, Shanghai dragon user experience and user needs, search engine algorithms also pay more attention to this aspect, so the core needs of the user how to seize let website ranking "to defeat the enemy, we need deep thinking and research direction. How to grasp the core needs of the user who summed up the following reference:


users can not directly identify we started, so we can only rely on experience and intuition to judge, whether it is correct or need real data and feedback to confirm, we will predict the results recorded at last, the error value is much combined with real data, so as to continuously improve our sensitivity.

Take our own

Evaluation of

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