Love Shanghai mobile search cancel referer flow and keyword tool upgrade imminent

is a major upgrade of the

some owners may also feel doubt, love and love Shanghai Shanghai Webmaster Platform statistical key words are the tools, but why statistical data is not the same as the results? The reason is statistical in very different ways, different application scenarios, if the owners pay attention to Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform keyword tools provide more data for the right. Webmaster Platform statistical principle is the analysis of Shanghai love their log analysis of love Shanghai’s own data, the data are first hand data source from Shanghai, love themselves, their own statistics is what we usually say, resulting in a higher level of reference value of Shanghai dragon. In contrast, love is the need to deploy the Shanghai statistics statistical code to the web site, there may exist the website code is installed correctly, the same user cookie changes, the same user access time interval and many other factors, so the accuracy of the data will have a certain fluctuation.


in the face of this initiative, the whole network is to the satisfaction of all, but for the webmaster or Shanghai Longfeng practitioners may also bring some key words flow — website can not easily get it. In fact, familiar love users in Shanghai basically know love Shanghai Webmaster Platform "flow with keywords" tool, has been committed to the majority of owners to provide the most accurate data flow Keywords: popular keywords, show the amount of clicks, click rate and ranking, fell in love with the sea search results page 11 is the trend.


in any case, love Shanghai to overcome the difficulties to achieve full network HTTPS, sufficient to prove to the security of the Internet.

flow and tools introduced

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform keyword tool and love Shanghai statistical difference between

flow and keywords keyword search tool

2015 is destined to be an important year for Internet Security upgrade. The beginning of love Shanghai PC search station HTTPS, referer have been cancelled in June, caused by the Internet community acclaim. Users do not have to worry about privacy, but also well protected site traffic data. In December, love Shanghai mobile search will gradually achieve HTTPS, and cancel referer, realize the whole network security upgrade.

but in the face of more and more in-depth data analysis and urgent needs, these functions is not very comprehensive, so the flow and keyword tools will be in the next period of time is escalating, provide more dimension for the site, more accurate data. Such as the words in the whole network influence, in short it is the existence of "index" form, can help webmasters to keep abreast of changes in the whole network website keyword keyword. This tool will help to understand the site keywords focus in Shanghai love search revenue for the site to bring the quantitative keyword optimization space, and keyword optimization after the site’s earnings growth is more clear.

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