The new Shanghai Dragon technology to improve the user experience

the beginning of the title of the article is to improve the user experience and the new method of association of Shanghai Dragon technology, but feel that this is not in line with the title written content, it changed the title now.

how can let users stay for a long while not directly off the page, here we have to mention ways to improve the user experience. (the following is the author’s experience and practice, but because of the different industries are different, does not guarantee that all 100% effective, but it is absolutely no harm)

and I think that, whether it is to click in order to click on the fifth bit or fifth bit, as long as the residence time of more than one value, or common sense, a long time point, effective click behavior basically are counted as love Shanghai, love Shanghai (except the clicks, is cheating, love Shanghai 100%, just a reaction time period.).

just now, the article said, such as the XXX blog ranked Shanghai fifth love again, this time the user search XXX, click on the first view found not to find their own, off the page, click on the second, is not closed, click on the third….. Know the fifth click, that is the user to find their own blog, then stop browsing, this time search engine (only for the love of Shanghai) will default to the user search behavior is correct and effective, and can be used to determine the XXX blog is the most valuable keywords of XXX website.

the above statement is only half right, perhaps the author is writing in a hurry because there is no analysis of the place. Why do I know half of it, listen to my analysis.

such as your website ranking is the main page, you should first improve the user experience of the home, such as your product type website, the user search keywords is general product type, then the page must highlight the product content and column navigation content and search function must, if the product does not need to search the contents of a small. < >

I see in the morning A5 channel experience an article called "analysis of the so-called new Shanghai Dragon technology, you out of the pit" (the original address: 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20121207/476650.shtml), the author has different views on one or more analysis, perfect view. Here to share with you. About the so-called "new Shanghai Dragon Technology" quoted above URL.

first, the above case is said to click in order, but the actual situation is often not in common sense, why the user must click in accordance with the order, such as the user search keywords XXX, first look at their description, and not directly to the website or click on the front, but a glance in fifth the XXX blog, then go in to stop browsing, is this not effective user behavior. This user exists.

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