No longer right down and confused original

4, confirm that it is right to be reduced.

now to say Shanghai is the care of new sites, in the webmaster forum posts link with their own, not 3 days will be included. But some Adsense is depressed, my site is new sites why half a month not included? Are you sure is new? Advising you to love Shanghai domain: add your own domain name. Check to know the date of the chain is not this year, or is this a few months. The domain name is not a new domain name is certainly not new, love Shanghai put it as the old station to look at, not be reduced right, don’t worry, adhere to the article, not 20 days must be included, the premise of your domain name is not K.

(1) ALT tag -alt tag can be said that every site has. The stationmaster might feel doubt, ALT tags can also related to site is down right? Yes, especially the ALT tag ALT tag cannot be used on the website logo in the picture, this is a study of the Shanghai dragon er. Logo is the site of the sign, no other explanation, you add comments you want to emphasize logo what.

5, check their website JS file, check whether the site is linked to the horse, whether it is black hat and so on. These are the old growth on, here is not introduced.

1, the same IP site is down right.

Links – as the name suggests, the two sites become "friends". As can be imagined, a site is down right, as a "friend" on another website will be "responsible". Regular check your Links is a necessary things. Not afraid of trouble, just lazy.

loved Shanghai right down

what should we do?

2, friendly Links.

often A5 or other stationmaster forum webmaster see great emotion – my site is down right, my site pulled the hair and so on, this kind of problem solution method is also be too numerous to enumerate, but beyond count. Today we talk about the problem of the high degree of attention, maybe you’ll have a new discovery. I love Shanghai here only analysis method is right down processing.

3, the website label

(2) H1 tag. H1 label the main role is to highlight the theme, a label that is the outstanding page keyword. Check your H1 tags are used correctly, if not the theme in place, not to get rid of.

we all know the same IP website has a right to be reduced if may have little effect on their website, but the 3 5 or 10 was down the right this time should be brought to our attention, but don’t you feel a little late? I don’t emphasis here in the site is down right only to see the friends of the chain, the same trends often view their IP site.

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