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is the second optimization techniques within the site chain and the chain. The optimization techniques within the chain site map (all within the chain that their websites together on one page) and submit it to the search engine optimization; site navigation website (a section of not more than 6, and the column level to three level within the more suitable; use less FLASH or images for navigation site navigation, try to use text format); link text (updated information, suitable for keywords to add a hyperlink, the anchor text must be associated with the content link, not too rampant, generally not more than 2); the optimization of the whole structure of the whole website (website PR transfer should be very uniform, the highest. Column page >.


we all know, good promotion and site optimization is to achieve the enterprise website conversion rate is an important way to improve, "how to promote and optimize the website also became a hot spot of common concern of many enterprises, so the success of website promotion and optimization should pay attention to what the problem? Here is to focus on Optimization of website links

we need to have a clear cognition on the website links, links into the chain, the chain and the chain three. Within the chain, popular refers to the contents of their site to link the internal page, also known as the link, the chain structure is reasonable, the content of the website is more clear and related closely to the search engine a good impression also left a good impression on visitors, increase the visitors stop in time, so as to improve the search engine website included and weight; the chain, as the name suggests is the site of the external links, from other websites into their own websites, the chain affect the ranking of the site, the chain is a very important process for the website optimization, and the quality of the chain directly determine their own website in search engine weight; anti chain, reverse link suggests that the site, refers to either inside or outside the station to the station chain into a page and included links, How much can be said of the chain directly reflects the weight of the website.

straight up!

information network era, with the development of electronic commerce is becoming more and more mature and gradually popular online shopping, promotion and optimization has become a breakthrough way for web marketing for many enterprises, the importance of

website marketing in such a summary: "link for the emperor", "emperor" means "a king of the first", more important to optimize the site links are visible. Many people are aware of the importance of website links, but the concept is very vague, even links which has several do not know, but the spirit of "The more, the better." principle, constantly in the station or other platform to add its website links, since that website link more, included more then, the corresponding information see the website there are more people. In fact, this idea is really very naive, there is still a lot and now this idea, they are very naive to forget the "things" that said. So how do we optimize the website link

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