Links exchange method and the matters needing attention a

and colleagues exchange Links, can bring to the site a good user experience, their website does not have content, to guide users to access from other websites, can effectively enhance the user experience of the site, which is why the exchange of the same industry website Links to enhance the weight of one of the reasons. However, may indirectly enhance your bounce rate.

QQ group exchange links

to enhance the popularity of the website is the individual case, if the Sohu, NetEase, Sina, etc. such large website ifeng贵族宝贝 do your website Links, is a great help to enhance the visibility of your site.

, two for

done this Shanghai dragon friends are very experienced, like the inside of my QQ, there are a large number of exchange links dedicated QQ group. In the early Links website, join the QQ group, can be very effective to find a large number of webmaster and link specialist contact, and then contact them one by one. After some of their website all aspects of data screening, we can take each other links to your own website.

1, increase site traffic

many years ago, exchange links based on advertising for the purpose, in order to get traffic from each other each other website. But now, this traffic can be ignored, if the webmaster is to get traffic from other websites and exchange links, I think it is not. Even if you do Links Sohu, such as Sina website for your website, can come in every day hundreds of IP is the upper limit of the.

2, to enhance the user experience

, friends > 2

4, improve the visibility of 3, enhance the site weight


warning: if you are on the site Links, is pointing to some low quality, even garbage or involved in cheating site, so your site may have some negative effects. In the search engine’s performance, included drop, drop, this is what we call right down.


method exchange link object

this is the current exchange Links the fundamental purpose, through the promotion of website weights, which can get more good opportunity to show and show the position from the search engine, in order to make profit and income of the website changed. The same to attract spider crawling, more effective grasp the content of the website, increase included, the effect is very good.


Links, is a more convenient form of cooperation between the web site and complementary advantages, its operation is placed on your site other websites LOGO links or anchor text links, so as to achieve the purpose of mutual promotion, so often as a basic means of website promotion.

, a Links.

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