Lu Cong value effect on the domain name itself

said first of all types of domain names? Said yesterday blog message. Zigong Shanghai dragon gave me the message, let me return. I found Zigong blogger.Tk is the domain name domain name. I am also very interesting in the blog article below message bloggers use the TK domain name will not be affected? In my mind TK domain is free. Also included is not good, so I went to check the situation under the name. The situation appeared, love Shanghai chain has a point, but not be included. Google included is normal. This illustrates a truth. TK relative to the other kinds of domain name value is very low, we all know that com, CN domain universality is very good, let’s see, the COM domain for one year is 60 yuan, while the TK domain is free. From the long-term benefits of view, if your site has a good traffic and visibility, available TK domain benefits a lot will be more than 60. The TK is not included, benefit from where? So don’t pick up a sesame lost watermelon.

natural brand value, so we can understand this. Like Larry, domain name this figure why such a sought after, because it conforms to the Chinese people’s language habits. Children with digital foreigners preferences, in addition to the two and English words, which is mainly suitable for foreigners. >


domain name below us a little about the economic value. We will talk about the relationship of domain name. Take my own domain name is said. My domain name is ***贵族宝贝, the choice of the domain name is given to the personal brand value and the content of correlation. LUCONG is my name in pinyin, and Shanghai dragon is my blog website written. The benefits of this hand to build their own personal brand effectiveness, the correlation is also very good to let the content integration, more conducive to the website optimization Shanghai dragon. Of course, do local websites such as stations, most of them will reflect the local name in the domain name, such as Nantong’s local website, NT, domain name will Nantong, such as pinyin. These are in order to let the domain name of the website content and form a good fusion, let the domain value effect better.


The related benefits of

domain of economic benefits arising from the value of the domain name is of course! Here I speak 3 kinds, one is natural brand value, brand value is a coincidence. Another is the brand value.

Types of benefits of

today want to write about the value of the domain name is prompted by a sudden impulse, but now the good domain is not much, maybe the webmaster friends one day accidentally to register a good domain name, then you have developed! Playing a joke, before they have been written by Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon theory actual things. Suddenly found on the condition that you should have a domain name. So please tell me what you see today:

Economic benefit of

domainApart from the

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