n the user experience on Shanghai Longfeng depth of mining value

you see the drop-down box it is: Shanghai dragon optimization, what is Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon inquiry, Shanghai dragon tutorial, if the user is a just learning, do not understand the Shanghai dragon, that he might be the first choice of the second drop-down options, if users want to check their site in Shanghai Longfeng situation it may be third, if he was a new Shanghai dragon who want to learn how to optimize the drop-down box, May Fourth options is the most appropriate.

When the user clicks the

5, said that the drop-down box and relevant words, believe that the auction is also a lot of people, even if do come up where actually not to flow.

1, because it is the basic to do so a commonplace talk of an old scholar, Shanghai dragon people know to do so, the competitiveness is very large.

do a lot of Shanghai dragon friend every day through a problem in the discussion: how to do more long tail keywords. Which is a problem often have some answers: a commonplace talk of an old scholar love Shanghai drop-down list, see love Shanghai related keywords assistant deep mining. It really is not a few people, but to become a man of success is more less.

3, the drop-down list and relevant keywords does not really need to transform the user word.

2, because these words are Shanghai dragon ER, then the water will not be less, these words have the brush component most probably it did not actually happen.

keyword in Shanghai Longfeng tutorial, thought can be found when the optimization method, it will make him greatly disappointed, a pile of advertising does not say, then Shanghai is love experience and a jumble of video tutorials. Is this the user just want to know how to do Shanghai dragon will need to spend a lot of time to see the video? So the search out of the drop is not satisfactory. So the user will not have a choice of the results.

4, use keywords to dig out the words assistant is actually very long time did not update the words, such as love Shanghai Bidding Assistant words actually flow is not significant.


it should be how to do the long tail keywords can be more precise? Below I to Shanghai dragon theme for example.

station on the user’s needs choice

the long tail keywords according to the old saying, why has not work? Even make up also not much accurate flow? Here lists a few doubts about Peng Jian answer:

if a novice webmaster want to do Shanghai Longfeng, he would understand the orientation of Shanghai dragon. He should first search the words "Shanghai dragon", the drop-down box shows:

users need to search the key words why? The answer is very simple, because do not know want to know, need to find relevant information.

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