The access control system of the company website internal optimization a little experience


low quality product page in figure

There are a lot of low quality pages in the website,

2. Low quality page mainly concentrated on the website of the product details page, the specific performance of the product details only by one or more images, no other relevant text, pictures also did not use the ALT tag. Because the website product detail page and text content, so it is not possible to use the robots file to shield the spider crawling, can only add some text and optimize the ALT label.

3, website content page repeat included serious. Because the mobile station of Shanghai enterprise website without sex recognition adaptation between the jump, but also jump directly through JS to. This leads to two is not exactly the same as the URL have the same content website.

There are a lot of dead link in the website,

of course, in addition to the above problems, the site also has many problems, such as the existence of a lot of no practical use of junk code page code, there is a whole website of the whole internal links, web page layout etc.. Because it is a part-time to do a business website, some things can not move, of course, also have their own level of problem, if that’s not good place also please exhibitions. The access control system of the company: 贵族宝贝gdykt贵族宝贝/ in Guangzhou, please indicate.



recently received a part-time Guangzhou access control system company station, the site analysis found that now many enterprise web site has a lot of problems, especially some other enterprises.

4, the column page there is a part of love is not included in Shanghai. Website page is next in importance to the web page, this can do some relatively long tail keywords ranking. Because the site keywords ranking for more, to get a lot of keywords are ranked, only rely on the related products section. For not included in the column page, the page can give an entrance in the home, such as at the bottom of the site with a popular product recommendation.


site did not set the robots file. The Robots protocol is used to inform the search engine "which can crawl, which pages can not be crawled. Like some of the duplicate pages mentioned above, the low quality of page and website ranking for what role does file can be prohibited by robots agreement, to improve the efficiency of web crawling.

1. A large number of dead would not only affect the user experience, will also leave a bad influence to the love of spiders in Shanghai, causing the site rankings to. People accustomed to using Xenu software to check whether there is the site chain, as shown in figure

images with m are included page

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