Shenzhen Shanghai dragon logo design optimization of three skills

many people will put a lot of links on the site the article make the conversion, in fact this is not desirable. Professionals are aware of, although the keywords ranking and the chain are closely related, but not directly linked to the chain and the number of.

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of the three Shanghai dragon optimization is high in Shenzhen dry cargo, once after the foundation of many years of work summary, I believe there will be a great help to beginners, here also suggest to try and do more to summarize their own rules.

minutesFirst: we write

second: the three elements of the description are not too long



Write out the editor of

third: the chain number less

with high quality articles can not only have good rankings, but they can control the quality of Why not?,

doing optimization, should pay more attention to quality rather than quantity of the chain. Also, a good quality of external links can be worth thousands of garbage outside the chain, so to do the chain not mechanical thread.

if you see some famous Shanghai dragon did the optimization of the website, they often will find the title and description are very simple, we must know the elegant and attractive title and description is both for the users and the search engines are more attractive.

Shenzhen Shanghai dragon logo design network is understood as a professional website optimization promotion work, make a lot of contact before the work site operations personnel feel a headache, here in Shenzhen to introduce the network logo design website optimization Shanghai dragon three skills, absolutely let you from the white master variable:

we know the title, the three elements of website optimization that website description keywords, website editor or, but many people are responsible for the promotion of treasure, and even wanted to all want to do the words are included, in fact.

as everyone knows, the site can attract users is the promotion of content, more commonly refers to articles or products. For users, a good article more than 100 useless article. A lot of people in order to attract attention, and even do some pseudo original, in fact these are the clouds. Because of the love of Shanghai can see, grab the time, some collection of articles is very difficult to get good rankings, but also reported risk of plagiarism, so in Shanghai Longfeng optimization must be careful to do

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