Since the high quality of the chain from the user to forward this three methods you stick with it

site content is not wrong, if one is thinking of sending out the link, some people think a website to have the order reversed, always filling enough articles, to do the chain! This time, some owners will stand up and say, these are the original, this is a a

chain for most web sites, is compulsory for every day. The "master" for the master site, do the chain, if not holding 180 website account, all feel shy to say that they do promotion! But a lot of the account, it is easy to "trapped", because the individual ability is limited, only allowing users to "sleep" to help you release the chain, so very easy to let the search engine to the site and increase website weight, bring traffic to the site of the three standard

for an ordinary website, can get peer reprint is not easy, want to join their counterparts Website Web site address is more difficult, so, for the website, have enough content to choose from, or write some words with news, articles, and experience sharing, forum, blog, distributed to other sites, of course, these articles should have a link to the site, personally, in the chain all the way, such as link signature, message board, forum thread, SNS community left, far better than the high quality articles have links to more degree of communication. Of course, want to let the high degree of communication, in addition to a dry cargo distribution platform, is also very important, what kind of platform for forwarding degree is high, often hard.

The content of The

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outside the chain of high quality high quality articles from

actually, if a heart always think of the original owners, not too much, update one hundred article original content to collapse, not to mention a has a good flow of website article content will at least be thousands or even tens of thousands! If your site keywords is the Internet has never been and you can start again, if there has been a lot of similar sites, the article, why not use first, these resources are free, direct copy can fill the content of the website, if not, can the article source write reproduced website address, develop share from the beginning of the spirit, then, after your site appears when the high quality of the article, the other when sharing will add your website URL

Internet is the most scarce, the demand for new website content is more "thirst", in the vast sea of the Internet, the website content updates with inexhaustible material, the key is how to maintain a continuous update! The update is a chore, write a high the quality of the article is not easy, because it is not easy, there are many websites are doing, half of the original half reproduced, well, speaking of which, the opportunity to come


can complete the task!

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