Talk about love in Shanghai on Meta label attitude

, search for "a ranking of the word Weikang care solution" the first site of TItle, and does not contain the keywords, but appear in the description, but its ranking than some of the website which contains the title keywords. This also means doing the Meta keyword in the label stack still has certain effect.

and Meta have much impact on the keyword ranking, Meta tag end still not to do, I want to express the view is that if your site is a normal weight site, you have no intention to optimize the practice of black hat, but the label we should go. Because no matter what Shanghai is to love the label now attitude, the label itself is to analyze pages for search engines can better inform us, roughly content spider web page, that is to say it is the starting point to the search engine, so as long as we do in this idea is to make the label spiders better index to the content of the page, then it must be the label can bring positive effect, but this is not we should pay attention to when doing the optimization of the details of what.

sum up, love Shanghai emphasis on the Meta tag in the reduced, but there are still some cold on it, we in the optimization of time, treatment should take into account the label, as long as we do this tag is reasonable, in line with the search engine ranking rules, it is helpful to keywords effect.

common view is now have a very big impact on the Title keyword ranking, Meta tags are more and more love Shanghai contempt, which is probably because now about Mate tags of the black hat optimization techniques increase, let love Shanghai for Meta label some impatient. Indeed, from the Shanghai Shanghai Encyclopedia of love love their own products, we can also see some of the attitude of love Shanghai label, Shanghai encyclopedia in love, have no any keywords in Meta tags inside the writing.

article by 贵族宝贝aidai贵族宝贝/ love net contribution. Please indicate the source.

For This map is

Meta tag inside the 2 most important part is keywords and description, their writing can be said is the optimization of the most basic work, but because of love Shanghai continuously changed and the Meta label to influence keywords ranking also has been changed, the author also has been looking at the label effect on keyword ranking situation.

but if you love Shanghai don’t care about Meta label this but also it is far fetched, the author of the website, there are some keywords ranking by the label. Here is for example.


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