Shanghai dragon Er dare say the content of your website layout is designed according to user experie

but the current situation is a lot of websites from birth to now and in the future will be the original face, this is a very terrible thing. We can not be compared with large sites, such as some big website every year to change a version. Get some nice style, various aspects of the structure will be adjusted, we didn’t do these small and medium-sized enterprise site, but we must adjust the content of the exhibition "change according to user needs

now affect the ranking of a website is the most important user experience, content is king popular a few years ago, the chain for the emperor that the true saying now basically disappeared. Experience is king of the era, but how to do it is in line with the user experience and user needs? The analysis from the perspective of the user needs no elaboration here. Today is about the content of the page layout of how to do the most in line with the needs of users, allowing users to own content to long in the shortest time. Because it is very important, if a user to your site took a long time and did not find their own content, and ultimately disappointed, believe a not let users satisfied, you have a lifetime to lose this user. Because of the age of the Internet time cost is the biggest cost of closing a time to click on the page to another page of time a few seconds.

if the user needs the content on your site, but he did not find it very depressed. If you have a website user required content, but the user wants to engage in a long time to find it, it is not reasonable. If competitors do better than you, you can easily lose the users, these results are not what we want to see. The page of our website content to the layout of the content is the most reasonable? If it is a new station, no data, it is difficult to know what is required by the user, these contents will adjust to the most conspicuous place, it takes a certain amount of traffic, some users to your website, after which data traces. We adjusted according to these data, minor adjustments must rely on the website and click on the link diagram thermodynamic diagram, and user access to most of the pages for reference.

according to the user browsing habits we put up the user clicks, browse the most web page layout from upper left to lower right corner. Such users come to our website to find it most in need of the content, do this step is just the first step. The step is not inexhaustible over one day, that is constantly adjusted according to the needs of users. The knowledge is too large, some industries will continue to change, it will affect some clothes by the season, maybe last month to meet user needs best clothes, will this month become the most users hold the content, is so simple. For example, some industry trend, before fees, is now free. For example, some name card design, general design costs are not, as long as you are here in my name card printing, this time we need to adjust according to the content on the website of the industry trend.

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