The five part of the powerful Shanghai dragon team essential

this part is relatively simple, is a completely technology type, do not need to have good eloquence, also do not need to involve the management, but for ASP, PHP and other procedures must be well known, by analogy, can quickly respond to in charge of the task after.

this part of the work needs of employees with strong executive ability and tenacity. Because objectively speaking, this part of the work is boring, even more mechanical work, but in today’s increasingly competitive, simply rely on the chain does not rely on mental physical work has been difficult to obtain good results, so the chain Commissioner should think more about the direction of work, if the wrong direction, do more work is wasted.

!The chain Commissioner

graphic design

as the saying goes, the flaming nest, a good supervisor should have Shanghai Longfeng several conditions: first, must have experience in Shanghai dragon, not scared of doing things, the website can meet that calm face, play a role in weight in the team; second, have good speaking ability. Every good supervisor is an excellent orator, in front of the team can clearly express their ideas, so that the team on the smooth communication, to avoid the situation of information asymmetry; third, ability training, and this second complement each other, a good head of Shanghai Longfeng unnarcissistic absolute so, the team will soon lose cohesion, must understand and subordinates share.


Shanghai dragon is valued by more and more enterprises, because the Shanghai dragon brings the most direct effect is the enterprise website traffic increases, especially the increase of directional flow, and ultimately bring the user experience and enhance the conversion rate. Industry website potential is the long tail effect, the Shanghai dragon can make the potential to play, so as to bring huge benefits. From this we can see the importance of a good team of Shanghai Longfeng enterprises, so enterprises to build up a strong Shanghai dragon team

this is part of the technology work, but also very important, the user experience on the site.

editor for some people it is impossible, but for some people easily, the key is to use for people, not only need a good Shanghai Longfeng content editing solid writing skills, more need to hear six eyes of eight party skills, usually to listen more to think about, even to understand consumer behavior learn, customer psychology knowledge, because of the status of the soft in the whole operation is very important in Shanghai dragon

is a standard Shanghai dragon team consists of 5 parts, including the Shanghai dragon head, web programmer, Shanghai dragon chain specialist, content editing, graphic design. The specific functions of each part are as follows:

Shanghai dragon head

content editor

web programmer

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