See how micro blog marketing and site optimization of resonance


first, micro-blog generally requires the release of information is illustrated with video content, but also have the right information label and topic, for Internet users to search for and attention, as in the webmaster site requirements, the content of the website is the most important to the user’s browsing experience, although the construction of video content on the site is not selected, but convenient for users to search, focusing on the nature of the user’s sensory experience requirements are the same. Second, micro-blog as a social platform, communication functions prominent, so the positive interaction is very important for the Internet marketing, information forwarding and comments, held some interesting activities are micro-blog marketing needs, and website promotion also stressed that the user’s activity, strengthen the communication between users and improve participation, attract more the fans closer, build user loyalty to the website.


browsing experience and website content

micro-blog marketing release information regularly, the number also pay attention to, every day to update, more than 10 best not to publish information on the post peak. >

as a new way of marketing, with micro-blog this information platform for the dissemination of advertising information, face the terminal potential customers of all this, let the audience experience once again raised to a high degree, to study how to remove the smell of advertising, really impress consumers. The best way is to impress consumers speak, let them get the benefits you can get attention. We do hard soft, most of the time in advertising, let the spider let users find you. Website optimization quality is simple, every piece of information every ad have become valuable. Something of value must be helpful for consumers, send one hundred spam posts as a small article useful knowledge, is not fine is more. Is the best description of the soft, soft writing is to stand in the position of consumers, whom the word love to, so they are more likely to move in, recognized by the audience of the casual, advertising will communicate to each other.


marketing is fast hot, micro-blog marketing and optimization is a means of advertising, they have many common features, micro-blog new marketing concept is used for the majority of businesses, how to analyze the webmaster website optimization work with micro-blog marketing concept

micro-blog marketing concept is the core to the advertisement to the marketing, let the marketing look like marketing and site optimization goal is that there is no trace of optimization, we always emphasize not to Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon, said the best Shanghai dragon is not Shanghai, and this is the meaning. In the end, micro-blog marketing and Shanghai Phoenix are advertising optimization technology development so far, people more and more toward the sound that Shanghai Longfeng simple quality trend of development, and pay attention to let the micro-blog marketing moistens the same marketing effect is silent.


is not the best Shanghai, Shanghai dragon

heart is the common goal of

The frequency of updates

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