Shanghai love Baidu in bikinis are bright blind your eyes

webmaster love Shanghai version of the home page, change is very good, hope love Shanghai to continue to strengthen the search function, can bring more benefits to the webmaster. Love hope Shanghai can develop more conducive to the webmaster tools. Only love Shanghai so it can be the first Chinese search market, this is cannot do without a grassroots webmaster, hope love like 360 Shanghai can develop more conducive to the webmaster tools. A search once out of the grassroots army, only a dead end". To grass root who in the world

from the perspective of the user love Shanghai version, a bit does not adapt. 5 years have love Shanghai after all, I just couldn’t find the revision of Search Ranking where! The new home also need to adapt slowly.

love Shanghai has been updated, if not update will be buried in the history of the Internet, is a new search engine to replace the leading position, as of 360 from the line to now search the bright younger generation, has been in love with Shanghai deep hatred in the flesh, 360 search into the second place in the search in a short time, even the love of Shanghai to squeeze the leading position in the near future. Love Shanghai in order to secure the position of the first search, which is the main reason of the revision of the love of Shanghai.

Sogou search engine WeChat search can cause more.

introduction: Chinese search engine love in Shanghai earlier this month officially revised home, love Shanghai new home is more easy to use, small claws marks the entire home loved Shanghai and occupy a large search box, new home shows more obvious love Shanghai search tools, easy to use. A bit like Baidu to go to the beach to swim off the coat in a conservative fashion "". Today China and save together to discuss love Shanghai version of the home page are changed to those

love Shanghai Sogou also launched a new revision function: WeChat search using WeChat! Users very much, most of the merchants issued a lot of activities, to increase WeChat fans, for example, like the day before yesterday I went to the beach, there is a real estate enterprises in the attention of public accounts — WeChat look to send two tomatoes. We can see that WeChat’s popularity is not a bit lost to micro-blog in the mobile client, WeChat surpassed micro-blog.



after six months of testing, and finally in early August officially revised home page, with a new home with the sea change is simple, from the surface to see the page more like a tool, love Shanghai search is a search tool, this revision was more close to the search function.

open love Shanghai new home, the first thing is a big search toolbar at the top of the search toolbar is love Shanghai LOGO paws pictures. Other features, like good news, 123, Post Bar, map, in the upper right corner,

in the upper right corner there is one more drop-down options, there is love in Shanghai know, music, library, Search Ranking etc..

The new on-line ?

From the perspective of

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