Shanghai dragon Er old driver who knows life

as the Shanghai dragon Er, not like the others said, in front of the computer will do nothing, only know that one day to find someone to talk to brag, a month easily led the wages. The one hand does not run to the clients pull single sales, on the other hand not to do a website customer service company to solve customer problems and disputes or to allow customers to buy goods.

day is not a simple articles, update the site information, is not like the others said sitting in front of the computer do nothing, a month also took so little salary. As Shanghai dragon Er, every day, the content of information incomplete, there are a lot of data like a report every day, waiting for the meal abuse, how are you doing, how long a website traffic is still not improved, this month’s performance so much. What time do you

as the Shanghai dragon Er, as they say, every day just released in other sites and some soft platform and the chain of information so simple. For the leader, who and who ah, the site had a little problem, the website needs to be modified, you do website program as soon as possible, to do early on line

Er of the Shanghai dragon bitter: live like a place that is dry programmers to write code, written after the boss is happy you will say, this guy is really good, do a good job will give you a raise, every time after listening will curse in the heart the boss one hundred times, I go to, why not pay up now ah, have to wait until after the raise in salary, it is not clear who you

? !

ER in Shanghai dragon bitter force two: you must understand the operation of the site, you >

said it nicely, Shanghai dragon Er is to do operations, that’s not nice point, site of the Shanghai dragon Er is like a boy, holding a cleaner’s salary, though a bit exaggerated, but for a real Shanghai dragon Er, as Shanghai dragon Er bitter place and who understand.

where? ?


as the Shanghai dragon Er practitioners, working every day is not like the others say send the article, write a soft, tear force touted themselves; others say that more than a day in Post Bar know quiz community forum hair outside the chain, so every day unlike others say stay in front of the computer do nothing deep, but also led to a month’s salary. Can only say that no real contact with Shanghai Longfeng optimization, not really understand and know Shanghai dragon Er hard


Er Shanghai dragon have a glamorous job in some people’s eyes, enviable job, sitting in front of the computer do not work every day, live a life with a "white collar". But the real as Shanghai dragon Er us, behind the sad and bitter, except you know, who can understand.

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