Repair site for more than a month not included the reason analysis

" I this enterprise Chengdu appliance repair station, the line has a month, at least one of original articles every day, love Shanghai or not included, do not know how to do? "

ZAC mentioned in the "Shanghai dragon combat code" website, low rate of Shanghai dragon ER personnel need to adjust the structure of the site and increase the construction of the external links. The website structure refers to the spider into the site, can be more smooth grab web content of each page. The website chain is to provide the spiders crawl the site entrance.

Look at the

tonight pushed under the recently popular reply a friend said his website on-line a month, hold original articles every day, but it has not been included. Pay no return, so the diagnosis on the site, wrote a blog for the domain name after the first diagnosis of the site. It is a day to see a summary of recent 2 hours of Shanghai dragon books.

1.robot, TXT set. The website has not set the robot.txt files, can be directly out of your website with robot.txt setting error. The best advice or set the robot.txt of the website, do not know how to love the Shanghai encyclopedia.

page 28 see around

website, you can refer to the following solution to operation. It would be better to solve the problem of the site is not included.

(3) self defeating Shanghai Dragon: in addition to the update less words, let the search engine to trust this article. The article is the accumulation of keywords and web site. One can belong to excessive optimization. The article did not do any of the anchor text links. The weight can not reasonable transfer. Even after a period of time the site was collected, but want to go home to do keyword ranking, the time period will be longer.

2.: see the website structure and website structure, web design layout using table, code redundancy. The spiders crawl without div+css layout friendly, but does not mean that spiders can’t grab web site. But the URL without pseudo static treatment, increased the difficulty of spiders crawl the site (except the pseudo static site settings: preferred domain, 301404 pages, site map and other settings, suggestions of). There are some problems in the website structure. But do not represent the search engine site quality problem: I think this is an important reason for spiders don’t grab the site.

looked at the chain website, in addition to BBS signature, in the home appliance repair forum.

(1) on the page layout and the user experience is bad, the quality is not high

3. chain: the need to increase the path to grab a spider web, how do the high quality chain.

(2) although the article is original (not to detection, believed to be original), but very few words. Suggestion: the update with about 500 words, using graphic combination way.

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