The webmaster is still confused 360 is our patron

since 8.16, after the 360 comprehensive on-line search, this time 360 search became a hot topic on the Internet, the webmaster nets and Shanghai dragon forum are talking about love between Shanghai 360 and the PK battle, you choose to love Shanghai or 360? It seems that this protracted war and love 360 Shanghai is among the inevitable in the. The following screenshot is an online survey in the press before the above the author chinaz.

a piece of it, can be seen from the figure, just half of the time, the 360 search index is 5w+, is the name of the banner, in the hype themselves, to which we have to admire the 360, do not spend a penny, there will be a large number of owners and staff of Shanghai Longfeng free to write text to advertise, perhaps this is the network promotion master realm. 360 rogue style you have to understand, I will not say, we can not imagine the future 360. Future search engine Chinese who is the overlord we also can’t imagine, we are just one of the soldiers.

I think


vote from the situation, most of the webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng personnel support 360, and many webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng staff put their hopes in the 360 comprehensive search of the future, that 360 search is our webmaster help straw, in fact this more may be a fantasy that we, our reality is realistic. To face or

ask: 360? For a born less than a month’s search, you will feel "mature" technology? OK technology is not so sure, there will be manual intervention, love Shanghai is a good example of what love Shanghai top 11, three hours before the three… And so on. A series of problems. Our results for a technology as can be imagined, are not perfect, search engine, user experience will certainly change, will be like Shanghai, and we do the webmaster to serve two day "Baidu".

In fact, we are just 360

is technically 360 and love Shanghai has a big gap. How, if someone will ask you, which is the most China NB search engine? Would you say is love Shanghai. One obvious reason, love Shanghai in a Chinese search engine industry for ten years of large enterprises, to improve the algorithm, technology updating, before today’s love Shanghai. The phenomenon of large area K station recently, as well as our own online published articles not included, to some website submission instead included, these signs indicate that the Shanghai love is not so perfect, and Google remains to be seen.

is still now, most of the owners do not understand.


all day and confused, give yourself a "upgrade"

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