Will begin in 2013 whether the webmaster find profitable direction

second: rely on technology to profit, as the saying goes, understand the craft people never starve to death, is the same on the Internet the truth, skilled webmaster will never disappear to the development of the Internet, the Internet is more perfect, the website wants to build better, the development of technology will not leave. Web developer if not go to a regular work, part-time can be carried out by all the major sites, Webmaster Platform trading sector, the high technical personnel needs, whether it is web developers, or templates, or PS image processing design and so on, are the major demand of enterprise talents. Like the A5 forum small trading area, if they have sufficient technical capacity, monthly income of over 10000 also can quickly achieve the ideal. Here to remind the webmaster, transactions on the Internet to beware of encountered a liar, don’t lose the wife of another soldier, it is best to guarantee the transaction. A new year of technical personnel, will be updated to improve their technical level, and ultimately improve their income.

the New Year approaching, the new year is full of fighting spirit, as the Internet increasingly fierce competition, gradually update the search engine algorithm, fighting on the Internet webmaster also feel confused, the new year will be the webmaster how to profit, how to survive in the on the Internet, part-time network to discuss the 2013 earnings direction where the webmaster.


third: rely on personal business for profit, technical marketing ideas of the owners, the above 2 kinds of profit model may not be suitable for power struggle in the new year, is better to use their own technology and marketing ideas, carry out their own entrepreneurial path. Whether it is to do e-commerce, or business website provides Shanghai dragon network services, it will be a new direction of profit of the webmaster. The new year of fighting webmaster have entrepreneurial ideas very well, but also need the webmaster can adhere to the concept of entrepreneurship, do not easily give up to the direction of. Network competition is very powerful, if you can not have a good business mentality, will certainly fall in the beginning. If the person in the electronic commerce business development, not limited to a single platform, can be in more than one.

: the first on the website ranking profit, with the network marketing into marketing, enterprises gradually improve the website keywords ranking needs of companies looking for Shanghai dragon service, is the most wanted by means of optimization, improve the site keywords ranking, the new year if the webmaster can not have profit orientation, to provide keywords ranking service. Many network marketing companies do, but with the experience of the optimization master few companies looking for talent purpose is very simple, is the key to row to the first page, but often this simple, few webmasters can reach, so want to profit in the website ranking, webmaster to search engine algorithms do not know enough. The use of black hat optimization to flicker customers, keeping up with the renewal of the algorithm, improve the ability of the individual, the new year and become one of the pioneering business don’t cost you.

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