How to obtain high quality web content

how to build high quality web content? As we all know, if you want to improve a site for IP and PV, and improve the site from search engine traffic, the content of the website so it must have high quality. Only the high quality of the content of the website, in order to attract users, in order to attract search engine. So how do we create high quality content, some friends said to write their own original, some friends said to the online collection, so how to operate the concrete, through observation and Research on the mini, high quality part of the content must be original, some from the Internet is high related content, the specific analysis of how to obtain high quality content.


5, the pseudo original processing by means of the above, I want to find some high quality content is not difficult, so we have these contents directly uploaded to our website is certainly not desirable, we must properly deal to get the search engine spiders love, then the following points must pay attention to. The first: the title must be modified, only the title, the search engine will have to grab the interest of second: the first section of the text changes, guide the user to understand the article is what we write, third: tail paper, summed up the core, under fourth: retain the copyright, we do webmaster be considerate of others picking the left is a basic moral rights.

3. using blog to get high quality content, Google search and support the search for the latest blog, the first approach we can from these blog search results, then to some high quality blog website to search for content, such as: Ai Rui column, DONEWS column, a column and so on, these places are the quality of blog articles pretty good.

2. high quality news content in search engine can provide us with far more than search so simple, we can dig things too much, how do we get news? Love Shanghai, Google, soso and other major search engines are provided with a function of news, we can make full use of the function of mining the most recent news content, content search engine that will love, but the quality is very high.

The 1. The use of

4, the industry forum for high quality content and some friends will be questioned, the forum is mostly irrigation place, where there is a high quality content what ah, in fact, there are many forum posts or the quality is quite high, only to see how you go to mining, there is a trick, that is the number of response. Browse many posts can refer to, no one to see the post quality is certainly not high.

industry portal to get high quality content for example, we do or do Shanghai dragon, you can go to the A5, network owners find relevant content. If the industrial sector, will go to the industrial control network. These sites are specifically edited articles, the quality is relatively high, and the high correlation screening of some articles to your site.

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