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and foreign business people, some more out of technology that obsession, from the business trip out of his own, for example, some time ago, the success of the public to raise a sense of Ling is one of the typical technology. Then there are similar domestic situations, such as difficulty in employment.

, the little thing that happened in 2001, inspired Chai Lei’s bigger ambitions. He was thoroughly tired of public life the immutable and frozen of sea life, eager to surge high and sweep forward.

earlier in the parallel forum "perception ·, VR/AR" link, Feng Rui capital founding partner Li Feng said that in China, VR environment will be better than the United states. He said that the Chinese entrepreneurs are currently doing VR opportunities, mainly in solving a technical node, as well as providing VR application platform, reducing the VR content production threshold. However, is this really true? What are the differences between the entrepreneurial environment at home and abroad?

, and this is exactly the logical starting point for Chai Lei to achieve commercial evolution. The ups and downs of business survival, change. To observe all business evolution, only the rapid response and rapid change can win the living space.

but these are only a facade, and if light is technically concerned, take China and the United States as examples. In the United States, like shlf1314, Facebook and other international giants are in addition to their own technology, or the contents of a broadcast platform, if they are at all costs into the VR field, the entrepreneurial companies in the United States will be more difficult to survive. Because now the giants is just a small test chopper, and there is no large-scale layout. And in some Silicon Valley practitioners, once these giants related technology is ready, its entrepreneurial companies to leave space, the level of interest will be very small.

Chai Lei had a good job – to be a civil servant in Anhui Linquan court. But he must be a restless man. When the period of civil servants, juice technology he used in the hotel before the work is learned, opened a "drink" love fruit at the local bar, provide Fresh Juice and ice cream, the month can earn two thousand or three thousand yuan, than him in the court of the monthly salary of 600 yuan, or more than 5 times.


introduction Chai Lei’s story begins at ordinary times. This is a no background, no technology, no funds of ordinary entrepreneurial story, each entrepreneur, almost all can find their shadow. In a series of reactions, quick reaction and quick reaction created an industrial legend for Chai Lei and his hand biscuit.

China is now too many people to participate in entrepreneurship, is nothing more than being forced by this social phenomenon now: one is the employment, the two is the economy is going downhill, three is the high cost of living and oppression, more important is in front of the entrepreneurial success, let more people willing to devote themselves to the ranks of entrepreneurs. Of course, there are also a lot of costs, because the successful entrepreneur is still a minority, not just start business will be successful.

reason to leave the hometown to Shanghai, Chai Lei’s idea is very simple, even with a Chushengniudu ignorant and fearless: one is because Shanghai is full of opportunities, and two because they plan to use this project to do energy-saving technology investment. "Shanghai is one of the most brand effective cities in China. In the small town of our hometown, how can you join

part one: the road to common

from the ignorant, just by virtue of simple business intuition to toss, counsel move, flow, 10 years of entrepreneurship, Chai Lei hand grasping cake in creating such a new industry, has created a new self – love to toss, toss, toss.


entrepreneurial environment differences between the two sides significantly

since 2014, Facebook $2 billion acquisition of VR leader Oculus, publicly said that after entering the field of virtual reality, the global entrepreneurs and investors are focused on the virtual reality technology. In addition to some giant beachhead layout, as well as some mobile phone manufacturers to follow the market, the domestic and foreign entrepreneurial boom is also one after another.

2003, in the parents’ opposition, the 25 year old Chai Lei resigned from the court, to sell a "drink" love fruit, and then east to fight the west by a total of 300 thousand yuan couqi, with two do energy-saving villagers came to Shanghai the jungle adventurer battles.

in a series of tossing and forth, Chai Lei’s fate is still tumbling, transformation, rising……

‘s legions of VR entrepreneurs has injected fresh blood into VR, which has yet to mature. According to incomplete statistics, the current domestic development company VR equipment more than 150 companies, which accounted for more than half of startups, but compared with foreign entrepreneurs high-profile, domestic entrepreneurs slightly calm, with entrepreneurship, between the two compared, and differences in those aspects of

The influx of

muddled into Shanghai

at that time, Shanghai’s catering industry was undergoing rapid updates, with about more than 2000 catering brands, almost one opening every day, and one of them closed down. But the grand narrative in the meeting of wind and clouds, hardly affects.


connection, the author analyzed from many aspects, mainly summarized different parties to the following points: there are differences in the overall business environment in 1. at home and abroad; 2. team innovation and the ability to execute access; 3. is based on the market, from the angle of view.

Chai Lei’s story is extraordinary. Because not every entrepreneur can start an industry. But Chai Lei is in the ordinary room has created an industry legend, from scratch, from weak to strong…… Now the giant camouflage, he still steadily on the way forward.



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