On default page index default to do 301 redirection

normally, we in the search results page to see all the saved default home page, mainstream website program language asp/php/jsp/.net, the default home page is generally index.html/index.htm/index.php/index.asp/default.asp/default.aspx. Recommended reading: do what programming language well. For example, the WordPress default home page should be called like this, when people enter the 贵族宝贝× ×.Org/ came to the Shanghai dragon blog, DNS analysis system will help find the browser web server, web server and then call on the hard disk of a default file: index.php.

shield, to become more like Sogou soso not included page love. A few months ago, the Shanghai dragon blog robots.txt actually started when adding a record is Disallow: /index.php, behind the Fujian Shanghai dragon through the analysis of the log file is found, the spider crawls through the index.php/*.html format included. Soso and Sogou is like a spider crawling is not released, then the tag label shield Shanghai dragon blog search, more do not know how to crawl, then delete the record of robot.txt, like some normal behind sogou. Now add this record, as Sogou included and not normal, the Fujian Shanghai dragon continue to observe a period of time.


of Shanghai dragon blog does not use 301 redirect, mainly is the virtual host does not support it. Speaking before the 5 recommendations of URL standard is also slightly mentioned, but ignore a situation.

But after the discovery of

site:www.× ×.Org;, is not the default home page, fourth examples in the five page automatically jump method and example in the default page bright out, did not expect the second day Shanghai put the default home page release. Now I have index.php into index.html, index.php and robots.txt in the shield, and then over time to see whether Shanghai will delete this page of love.


this experience Fujian Shanghai dragon to understand a truth, if you don’t want some form of link appears in the search engine results page SERP, then you should avoid mentioning the in any case. This is in fact mentioned in Shanghai Longfeng optimization how to reduce page similarity, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners should think how to more effectively target content displayed in the search engine results page.

since we know that 301 redirect the benefits, so if you can make 贵族宝贝&t>

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