Open WeChat search user experience and how to coordinate the commercial realization

internal structure adjustment, WeChat was put on a heavy commercial chains, between the realization of user experience and business, >

just search a WeChat keyword, marketing; we row in front of the content, according to the research the author just now, and the comparison of their companies operating content analysis, WeChat search rankings, probably in accordance with the title keywords, account weight, content of the publication time, quality content released to sort. That is to say the quality of content does not play a leading role, at least in the title, keywords and weights behind the account, at least so far.


can not what weight WeChat public number, it is a rotten life, stations that do not do, numerous WeChat registered public account, the account every day sending the same content across the pit of search engine. In the WeChat search stimulus, WeChat public account will repeat the PC side of the site of the old ways.

for a certain weight from the media WeChat, they in the weight occupied at the location, just increase the number of articles, as well as title and content of the keyword layout, you can easily get WeChat search traffic; the front also said, the current media day to create an original article is difficult besides, a day to create 7, how to do? Micro-blog grassroots large that "we just press the porter will bring in.

difficulty in where?After this year’s WeChat

WeChat account itself, probably by the certification, the number of fans, interactive circumstances.

WeChat Sogou, finally open, this is undoubtedly the most heavy news today. WeChat in the search of this, at present still cannot avoid the love of Shanghai at the PC end of the old ways, WeChat search the current status, the author put forward some own worries, as well as an operator, some cash between user experience and business coordination suggestions.

The weight of chips

there must be from the media will stick to the original, but will be more and more difficult, especially when their hard code words, the moment was when other people took away from the media, adhere to the original people have what power to original? The next WeChat public account, experience in


WeChat search with open, as a public account of insufficient flow with

if the above theories are relatively reasonable, it will appear the following problems. WeChat, a large number of public business operations, in order to grab the search engine traffic, PC will end the use of Shanghai dragon play up. From the current point of view, WeChat search can be found the account is a subscription number, subscription number can be issued once a day, one can send 7; the amount of that small is not small, that is great, some businesses have the strength to the original 7 day? So the wind gas or even directly copied some pseudo original form.

With the help of


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