Love Shanghai analysis of the mark search and display

The mechanism of The

(PS: query method in 贵族宝贝image.baidu贵族宝贝 "site:www.zhaoyoucai贵族宝贝", is actually not query the pictures are not included, I found the first picture, look at whether the page is included)

article "core conversion of ideas analysis summary" is included, but the website included the text in the picture is 28tui, so the picture and is not associated with the page. Do not display the "graphic" logo.

In fact, since the love of Shanghai "

finally look forward to love Shanghai to visit

also, some are.

my blog has a total of three articles will appear "graphic" logo, as follows:

first we regardless of implementation, show the conditions, at least from a direction that enhance the importance of pictures, after the love of Shanghai should enhance the picture included resources, buddies, pictures included, pictures of ranking problem, the ranking problem with more and more important that is not a simple set of ALT is good, but how to set up the picture into position differences are likely to affect the included and ranking.

blog (review) the advertising value of

based on user model

to modify the site title to test the effect of

, my conclusion is that the page is included, pictures are included, the picture is indexed by the page.

is to be included in the query image is difficult, not like the same page, search URL will know whether or not included. So I can only act in a diametrically opposite way, select the page and the picture of his blog as the analysis object (well, that originally used Chinaz page, but failed, over many pages did not find pictures, some pages and too many pictures), so the conclusion may not be 100% correct.

The following figure:

AISAS analysis of

first two well understood, the third sentence to nonsense more explanation. Pictures are included, are related to the page, namely "photograph website" click will jump to contain this picture ", but the picture is not this website, this website can be cited website pictures.

search results" graphic logo medical, also tried a variety of search, simple preliminary guess is that as long as the page is included, pictures will be included on the show, plans for the weekend to decrypt a. But unexpected events have to work overtime, but good, now before the overthrow of inference, or to supplement conditions.

my pictures on the site there are 10 photographs are included. The source of the website of two pictures is 28tui (not my hair, unscrupulous chain Commissioner copy), the other 8

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