Rookie webmaster Shanghai dragon Nofollow will do in the end

this way to tell the search engines don’t grab all external pages and include internal links, prohibit the tracking of links on a page. Here nofollow: tell the spider don’t track on this page links. This page will be completely exposed the shortcomings of nofollow. Shield the spiders to follow all the links on the page (without considering the influence of the export link) can directly affect the long tail keywords spider is not conducive to the site in the station page crawling depth, the ranking of. However, the specific application according to the actual situation to decide.

2. " nofollow" on the hyperlink, code >

just started learning to nofollow knowledge, first thinking is limited to: the use of nofollow is an important weight oriented means, most are placed in a variety of nofollow message board and link to control weight loss. Don’t know why you use nofollow? How to use the nofollow? Until exchange links when I pointed out that other site of the "Links" add nofollow, rejected directly exchange. Came from imitation, to find out why you want to add the nofollow? To understand that, in addition to the weight loss of nofollow to control all outbound links, but also have a great effect on the website structure optimization. For example, affect the spider crawling, creeping, crawling ZZ reduce the excessive repetition of the same page; prevent ZZ crawl and grab some unnecessary page…

1. " nofollow" code written in the meta tags on the page: <, meta; name=" content=" robots "nofollow" />

nofollow will be in the end?

first, master Nofollow in two ways: nofollow application page is a label in 2005 leading the newly created noble baby, with various well-known engines used in the world, Shanghai is now also love to be able to support this tag.

Shanghai dragon in the learning process, focusing on skills, thinking to improve, then how can it can make good use of nofollow,

do not know whether you agree with the "Shanghai dragon, starting from imitation!"? As a rookie Shanghai dragon I is quite agree. Why? In the beginning, access to knowledge is unheard of, can only bite the bullet, looking for different cases, imitate every tutorial. It took a long time to go on the road, in short, that time is scorched by the flames. The rookie level is the same, but the process of transformation from the old rookie of the different, may mimic the lower level of a method is a method of learning Shanghai dragon.

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