Talk about some suggestions on the common problems of Shanghai Dragon

snapshot is just reflect their part of the web site, such as I have seen, some web content seconds, but the page snapshot is not updated, the page snapshot is also updated, but the content is not timely included, this is all we need to observe the situation, when the snapshot is afraid of a spider reaction the left of the page, and can not explain the weight like, only that the spider to climb, but there is a general snapshot is the next day, another is the next week, when the site is down right snapshot usually backwards, these are some phenomena by the snapshot can see, with to evaluate the relationship between the snapshot right down the website or can. So, in the face of a snapshot update, please calm.

In fact, The first point: >

second: included in the site how to reduce


my site ranked in the Eleventh

third: website snapshot time is too slow for

in general, are included in the site will rise, but if after the update, included in the site down, then check what are some pages not, to observe what is good, in fact more phenomenon is hidden away, remember to turn to the last page is a page to view all the time will show all of the pages, this is because these hidden pages may be collected on the net, that has been analyzed is of no value to the page, love Shanghai only hidden, this is one of them, or your site relevance of these pages is not good, in their own the website may have duplicate content, it will also hide the same repetitive content page, this is for a good user experience, it can be displayed, such as me They search site:***. When the COM domain name, may be * * *. COM and www. * * *. Com2, and * * *. COM is hiding out, but also to the user experience.

actually has love visiting the forum, blog, watching other people’s ideas, in fact there are many people who love Shanghai Longfeng, always ask questions, that is a "snapshot not update, the website is not included, or is today my ranking down, or my site ranked in the Eleventh" in fact, on these issues, also there will always be some big, some are small.

can go to the next article yesterday wrote, about his views on the eleven, which improved his eleven ideas, in fact eleven is a study place, if you stand down, stay in 11 place, so that love Shanghai has not abandoned just some simple drop right phenomenon, if you stand up, in the 11 row, so that your site is very strong, rising too fast, also need to study, this is my own views and phenomenon, eleven self feeling is a good position, is a kind of test your test, only to better progress.

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