The details and improvement plan of local enterprises in Shandong station appears

website also did not have much impact on the website weight, description is to give users see on the website, make a summary, let the user know the overall situation of the website, write a better user experience. After all, the ultimate goal of enterprise website is to give users see, everything is a center with the user is not wrong.

search engine cannot read pictures, add to the picture alt attribute can make the engine spiders know this picture shows what content, the spider climb to take, but also increase the keyword density; not shown in the picture can also tell the user the picture is about what content, enhance the user experience.

1.Logo picture is only a picture of

5. was not title

enterprise station will do better. Leave a place specially let users speak enhancement between the user and the business exchanges, but also enhance their confidence in the minds of users. For example: message boards, online feedback.

2. pictures with no alt attribute



4. too many useless pictures

Shanghai Longfeng optimization lies in the details, is the so-called """.; the details determine the success of Shanghai Longfeng Binzhou optimization only saw the Shandong 10 strong companies website (too much can not come), against which the 10 enterprises summarized the problems of Shandong local enterprises stand out improvement plan 6 details now and my.

what impressed me most is the Haier group’s website, this is the Shandong famous company, today I look at their website source code could not find title! Really let Binzhou Shanghai dragon surprised. A site Titie is the most important, is to give the weight of the highest place how will the Haier group, no

Some of the

although there are a lot of pictures look very beautiful in the home, but the pictures or Flash too much will lead to the site to open slowly, to give customers the feeling is not good. But the site some pictures no link nor the relevant text, Binzhou Shanghai dragon optimization really don’t know they put these pictures in what a waste of space, waste of energy waste of emotion……


PS: to logo pictures and home page links, whether users are on the site where it is convenient to jump to the home page, the user experience of.

The The optimization problems of local enterprises in Shandong station:

in Binzhou Shanghai Longfeng optimization these 10 sites to see, only a corporate website logo pictures with home page links, everything else is just a picture of.

some enterprises do not have their own independent website, in >

6. can not and users communicate with the local

3. did not describe the label

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